Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 Week 12 Review Thanksgiving Themes

What a great trip my daughter, Sorcha, and I had to Atlanta to visit my son, Graham, and my daughter-in-law, Melissa!
We had so many adventures!
Look me up on facebook or instagram to view the 
ENTIRE fun filled trip if you are so inclined.
(the filming of McGuiver right outside their apartment was amazing!  I walked the dog several times to maybe be part of the background!)

 We went to the premier of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Escaped the Woods (like escape rooms but outdoors!), laughed at Improv, walked through the magical Botanical Garden holiday garden light show, made lefse, ate way too much southern food!  What a weekend!

 On Tuesday we had new morning challenges:
Turkey Sentences...

Turkey Color Words...

 Pumpkin missing #...

 We played a dice game...
 and enjoyed wearing our Wampanoag hats!

 We have a few new discovery areas...

 Tuesday afternoon we met Mrs. Pilger's Pilgrims and Mrs. Kalmes' turkeys for a "feast!"
We all brought something to share in the pot!
MMMMM! Food is always better when shared!

 This guy just made the 100s Club!

And now for the week of November 28-December 2:
Reading: word families, letter Tt, star word 'we'
Math: perfect printing 8, 9, 10 and ZERO
Theme: Thanksgiving leftovers, Family, 
Polar Lands and Animals
BIG NEWS: We will be collecting the BOTTOM THIRD (only)
of milk and water gallon jugs for igloo building!
Keep sending them in!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Week 11 Letter Aa, star word 'see', Scarecrows, Candy Corn, Stone Soup!


Here's our weekend in review:
We went hiking with the birthday boy on Saturday!
Loki walked on a leash for the first time...not too shabby behavior!
We also made lefse for the very first time
(despite being called Mrs. O'Duggan, 
I am almost all Norwegian!)
The lefse actually turned out pretty good for an amatuer! 
 Monday brought new morning challenges:
candy corn numeric order...

 candy corn one-to-one correspondence...

candy corn beginning sounds...

 We painted these adorable scarecrows!

 This guy LOVES this reading buddy scarecrow!
 Here's a few more family projects:

Tuesday was candy corn day!
We made an addition sentence with our carefully cut out and organized candy corns...

Tuesday's centers included:
Candy Corn Count and Tally...
(plus eat!)

Candy Corn Addition...

 Scarecrow beginning sounds...
(sorry for the blurry pic)

 Scarecrow dice roll and star words...

What a fun way to review!
We wrote and drew in shaving cream!
(plus it made the room smell nice and clean)

Wednesday was Stone Soup day!
Not only did we prepare, cook, and eat Stone Soup (based on the folktale) 
We also created an art project!

  What great open ended fun!
So this looks interesting...
  Thanks for the nice collection of food!
  We enjoyed our Stone Soup song!

We worked together to chop and cut...

  And into the pot it goes...

Mmmmm, our room smelled so good all day long!
  After cooking all day long, we were finally ready to eat!

 What a fun day!

Thursday brought new morning challenges:
Seasons Sort...

Turkey Counting by 10's...

Upper Case~Lower Case Matching...

Thursday was our 50th day of School!

Wish I had this crew at my house on Thanksgiving!
What a great bunch of chefs!
 Here's a sneak peek of next week's fun as we finish two turkey projects when I return from Atlanta!

Thursday's centers included:
Good Food One-to-One Correspondence and Tallies...

 Stone Soup printing....
 Turkey Dinner Beginning Sounds...

(my apologies...the pics from our 4th center,  turkey bdpqg sorting, did not turn out)
 Our leader is showing us the graph we made voting for our favorite part of Stone Soup...

 Another cute turkey pic!

Good Reads this week...

And now for the week of November 21-23
Reading: AEIOU The Vowels! Star word review
Math: Numerals 6,7,8,9  Printing
Theme: Turkeys and Thanksgiving
BIG NEWS:  Early Dismissal 1:00 on Wednesday
NO SCHOOL Thursday-Friday~Thanksgiving Break
I will be in Atlanta on Friday, November 18-Monday, November 21 to visit my son.  
Mrs. Olson will be our substitute. 


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