Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 38 Going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO!

The year is quickly wrapping up!
Here are a few last morning challenges...
Duck Sentence Unscramble

Duck missing numeral....

Lily Pad Number Line....

The tadpoles are GROWING!
They will not be froglets until August, though.

We have been making messy art projects everyday!
This was the paper we created in order to make a 
very hungry caterpillar!

We have been very very busy with centers as we are trying to squeeze in as many as possible before the end of the year!

Here is another weighing activity...

This was a code breaking activity!
The star words were written in the ageless
abc=123 code!  FUN!

We did a lesson on symmetry!

This is a leftover from our old Math series...
it is too good not to do!  MOUSE COUNT!!!

Oh, yes, another messy art project...
symmetrical butterflies!


Another day, another set of centers!
Mrs. Benke is helping with fact families.

This team is interpreting a BUG GRAPH...

Here is our SPELLING BEE

Another cute little magnifier search...
We are searching for words that rhyme with BEE

This center is searching for numeral words on beehives!

On finally we had a day with
Counting by 2's zebra stripes
Tally marks on SPOT THE GIRAFFE

Kangaroo Syllable Hop

Elephants LOVE peanuts 

Really BIG numbers with baby elephants!


Another messy
(adorable) art project!
Were these not the cutest?

Hey, these are NOT the Kindergarteners!
They were practicing to be 1st graders 
while the 1st graders came in to play again!

Thursday afternoon we had an awesome
Water Safety presentation from 
Office Leibfreid and Officer Carlson (with Chloe,the police dog)
Office Leibfried reminded us to ALWAYS wear a 
flotation device when near the water and 
if someone falls it to throw them something
floatable, like a ball or a rope.
Here is the star of the show...Chloe!
Her lesson was that if we get lost in the woods 
to stay put because she can find us by smelling!

Friday FINALLY arrived and we were of to the ZOO!
While we set up for lunch, the kiddos spent a little time on the playground....

Then a quick hike into the beautiful woods!

Lunch was lovely!
Thanks to all the volunteers we helped!

(I am sorry, Brandy and Willow...the pic of you two was blurry!)
Finally we are at the ZOO!

After the zookeeper talked with us about
guidelines, we were off!

There was sooo much to see!
Hope you get a chance to take your family to this 
jewel of a county park this summer!

Just as we were leaving, we saw this awesome rainbow cloud!
It was clearer in!
BIG NEWS: Outdoor Music Concert 
Wednesday, May 29 WEATHER PERMITTING it will be outdoors
if it is wet outside, it will be at the high school.
Thursday, May 30....Kindergarten Family Picnic  at Farmers' Park 12:00
Friday, May 31....Last day of school! 1:00 DISMISSAL for kids!
WOW!  What an wonderful year!


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