Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 29 Letter review, star word 'the, RAINBOWS and Spring themes!

Oh, my goodness!  Did you hear we got a new student?  His name is Corey and he is an awesome addition to our spectacular class!
Welcome, Corey!

During this short week we wrapped up our Spring animal unit by making these adorable bunnies!

Here is our latest scrambled sentences...

Hey, this was fun!
As a whole group we colored in the numbers to create this picture.
Can you see the rabbit?

Here were some good reads from last week and the beginning of this week...

Tuesday's centers included missing number eggs...
(100 chart AND +1, -1!)

Pokey Pin Spring words...

Eggs Beginning and Ending Sounds...

and creating a two digit number, bunny style!

 On Wednesday we began a rainbow unit!
Aren't these just lovely?

In the afternoon we had a creative time finishing the artwork for this poem...

Just look at what these kiddos can do!
They are writing less than and greater than with know...<  >  !!!!

Here are our new morning challenges beginning Thursday:
Kite Counting by 5s...

Season Sorting...

Rainbow Sentences...

The Fools' 5 presentation was a blast!
Mr. Riebel kicked off the ceremony, Mr.Schmaltz came dressed as Chewbakka from Star Wars as promised (if we raised $5000, which we did!)!

 These were the two oldest Fools' 5 shirts in our class.  Some kids in the audience actually had shirts from the very first race!  Wow!

Enjoy your child's extended weekend!

And now for the week of April 4-8:
Reading: Letter Xx, star word 'said', quotation marks review
Math: Larger Numbers
Theme: Weather
Science: Parts Work Together
Social Studies: Community
Wes is our star student!
No school for k kids on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Roundup.
(1st-12th still in session)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 28 Letter Dd, star word 'was', BUNNIES, EGGS, and CHICKS!

What a wonderfully crazy week!
We began by finishing up St.Patrick's Day Morning Challenges:
Missing Number...
 Backwards Numeric Order...

Backwards ABC Order...

Our snack was LUCKY CHARMS but first we had to predict and graph! 

We painted a STILL LIFE...just like an artist!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE our pussywillow paintings!

 It is hard to see, the poem goes like this:
I have a little kitty,
And her coat is silver gray,
And she lives down in the meadow,
And she never runs away.
She'll always be a kitty,
She'll never be a cat,
Because she is a PUSSY WILLOW!
Now what do you think of that?

The kids had to write in the star words that were missing and focus on capitalizing the beginning letter of each sentence.

We also had a chick and egg project!


This week we learned two amazing science words:
They simply mean egg laying or not!

 Here is our graph as we sorted 
We also created a lucky duck book coming home soon!

On Tuesday we created these cutie patotie
DUCK-RABBIT projects! 

 Tuesday afternoon we were treated to 
the ZOOMOBILE from Minnesota Zoo!

Wednesday we had new morning challenges:
Real word/silly word sorting...

bdpq sorting...
Bunny greater than work...

Here's our birthday girl this week!
We rearranged our schedule with the snow storm bearing down on us for the end of the week. We made these cutie for you!

Our snack bringer brought Doritos for letter Dd week!
This happy guy was able to bring in letter Zz treat's never too late!  Thank you!

And now for the (short) week of March 29-31...
Reading: Review all letter, star word 'the'
Math: Larger Numbers
Science: What are things made of?
Social Studies: Community
Theme: Rainbows
Big News: 
No School Friday, April 1~Teacher Workshop for end of the 3rd Quarter

on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Round-Up


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