Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 Week 8 Spiders, Bats, Halloween Fun!

My Grandkids!
Yay!  I was lucky to travel to Indianapolis during MEA to see my daughter, Shae, and her ever growing family!

Baby Pia Joy is such a good baby!
We try to do an art or craft project together...

Here's Shae's beautiful family:
Back at school on Monday we learned about BATS!

We made bat hats with ~at words on them!
We had "batty" morning challenges!
Tally and Numeral Match...

Spooky Sentences...

Batty ABC order...

Together we created with great KWL Chart
K-what we KNOW
W-What we WANT to KNOW
and L-What we LEARNED
about bats!
 Here's a bonus shot of the pumpkin words we generated last week!

We also discovered SPIDERS this week!
We made these cutie patootie spiders and sang songs about these helpful arachnids!

Oh what fun!

Tuesday's centers included: 
More and Less with Spiders...

Spider Web painting day #1...

Spider Sorting bdpqg

Missing Letter Bats...

The K Department had a work day on Wednesday trying to get a handle on ACTION 100...thanks for your patience as we learn together!
Mrs. Olson made these cute mummies with the kiddos!

Thursday's centers included:
Spider Web painting day #2...

Measuring Monsters...

Missing Number Ghosts...

Ten Timid Ghosts One-to-One Correspondence...

On Friday we went to the High School for the Junior High play!

 Best day ever!
The Bronk twins gave everyone in the WHOLE SCHOOL a pumpkin!  WOW!
What a beautiful sight!

Thank you, Chloe and Cooper! 

 These two fellas are trying out their spinning ghosts we made for a science experiment with air pressure!

 The BEST moose at free choice writing center EVER!
 Good Reads!
And now for the week of October 31-November 4...
Reading: Letter Mm, sound for /m/, star word 'and', beginning sounds
Math: Numerals 0-5
Theme: Halloween and Outer Space and Night Time
Social Studies: Seasons bring changes
Science: Our World
Please sign up for a conference time sent home this weekend
Just have fun and stay safe!


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