Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 Week 6 Fire Safety, Letters Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, and Patterns

So this happened on Monday!
My newest GRANDBABY was born in Indianapolis to my oldest daughter, Shae!
Welcome Pia Joy!
(guess where I am heading for MEA break?)
 Shae and Pia
Chris, Calla, Cru, Wren, and Pia

 Here's a peak at my crazy weekend...
yep, North Shore again!
We walked from Silver Bay to Beaver Bay, 
met a student (all grown up!) on the trail
"Mrs. O'Duggan!" 
Never though I'd hear that on the 300 miles of wilderness trail!
Also had lunch right next to a waterfall, dug for agates, and played in Lake Superior.  
Also tented it in the freezing temps.  Life is good!

One last item before we begin,
Ms. Manly is taking the kids to the computer lab during our Media time!  Yay!
Here is the link to the program the kids played with on Friday:
scarecrow coloring
Have Fun!
Here are last week's Apple Orchard pics...
Thanks for sharing !

 Monday brought new morning challenges:
Fire Engine abc order...

Fire Engine numeric order ...

 Fire Engine Uppercase Lowercase Match...

 Monday's Tt snack was TEDDY GRAHAMS brought by this TERRIFIC kid!

 Our whole school is going to Action 100/IRLA guided reading system.
We finally got to try it out!
We are up to 8 minutes of quiet independent reading daily.
They are so excited to be reading books!

 Here's a few more family projects!
 Monday's art project was the life cycle of an apple tree!
 Tuesday's Uu treat was UNCOOKED carrots and dip!
 Tuesday's centers included:
Autumn Missing Numbers...

 "I LIKE" lucky duck book about our friends...

Painting the ABCs brain break...

 Fall Patterns...

 Our morning chart was unusual on Uu day...
 We made a graph about our favorite apple treats!
Our ABCs Across America is nearly complete...just missing the letter Ss!

Ms.G practiced left and right with us!
This very generous k kid brought Vanilla Wafers, V8 juice, and a veggie plate for our Vv day snack!
Wednesday afternoon we created fire engines!

Thursday we practiced patterns with dotters...

This wonderful kiddo brought wafer cookies, Werther's candy, and Welch's juice! Wow!
We wore witch fingers to celebrate Ww day!  
Thursday's centers included:
Brain break table, we searched for letters on the fire fighter using magnifiers...

We used ten frames to represent numerals to 10.

We focused on beginning sounds with Sparky, the fire dog...

We found the missing number with fire engines!

For a Ww project we used watercolor markers on or wicked which, then we melted her with water!

We also prepared the Xx page, an 'x-ray'

Friday's morning challenges included:
more fire engine ABC-abc matching 
(the other half of the alphabet)

 Fire Safety Counting...
 one to one correspondence!

  Fire Safety sentences featuring...
LIKE and I!!!
 We made x's with pretzels!
 This lovely lady is showing us how to 
if our clothes catch on fire!

Hope your kiddo had fun with the small
fire safety gift I picked up for them! 

This eXcellent student brought 
cheX miX for the letter Xx snack!
eXtremely clever!

Good reads!
Fire Station pics will be included in next week's blog.

And now for the week of October 17-19:

Reading: letters Yy and Zz, beginning sounds, rhyming
Math: finish patterning, begin geometry
Theme: owls and pumpkins
Social Studies: Our world's land
Big News:

Early dismissal on Wednesday at 1.

Please send in the form on Monday telling us how your child will be going home on that day.Thanks!

No school...Thursday and Friday, October 20-21

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