Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 Week 5 Apples! Letters Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss and FALL!

Here are last week's parade pics as promised: 
(apple orchard pics will be next week as well,

 Mrs. G is a great help!

 The Pumpkin Cart by Wyattville is open! official sign of Fall!
 Monday began with letter Pp
and Pumpkin Spiced Cookies from Trader Joe's!
That's a great way to begin our week!
I just LOVE that store!
 This little cutie brought us our milk break Pp treat: 

We painted pumpkins
 by mixing red and yellow paint...just like magic we got ORANGE!
 It took us 3 days but we finally got all of these adorable pumpkins assembled and up in the hallway!

We practiced Pete the Cat's Patterns... 
 Our first family projects rolled in on Monday.
How lovely!
The kids actually have to give a speech.
Yep, a SPEECH!
It's pretty simplified but all the parts of a speech are there, the intro, the body, and the conclusion.
It goes something like this...
"Hi, my name is ______ and I want to tell you about my pumpkin." Then they tell us a little about it. Finally they say,
"Now you know about my pumpkin!"
Super Kids!
 We also reviewed shapes with pretzels...
What yummy fun!

 Oh one last Pp happening...POLKA DOT SOUP!!!

 Here's a page from our ABC book:
 Tuesday morning started with this tease...
 First time ever Caramel Apple Buffet!
We had to wait until centers later in the day...
I brought the Qq treat, Quaker Bars.
 During group time we sorted apples by color and shape.

 What great hands on learning!
We made a graph together, then the budding scientists had to show the data on their own graphs.
 Finally center time arrived!
As promised our brain break area was a caramel apple buffet! The kids built their own caramel apples!
This took self control and restraint as one person could not use up a ton!  It was a very nice lesson on sharing.




Ms. Amy helped at the apple observation table.
The kids REALLY looked at their apple and colored it like a scientist. They measured it with cubes as well.

This team worked on Letters in our Names
focusing on Nn!

 Here's a few more family projects.
(ALERT!!! That was not Miss RH's pumpkin, she gave a speech about it anyway, and posed for the picture.  She must have just LOVED it and wanted it for her own! 
Poor Walter!  We sorted it all out the next day! )

Wednesday brought new morning challenges:
Apple Numeric Order...

 Apple Uppercase/Lowercase matching...

 Opposite Puzzles...

 Wednesday morning we were busy chopping, cutting, and peeling our apples to make APPLESAUCE and DRIED APPLES!
Our room smelled so delicious!

 We love apples so much we even eat the super long PEELS!

This sweetie brought us RICE KRISPIE treats for our Rr snack:

Here's our Rr page in our abc book...
 Oh are you ready for this?
The k kids did their first independent hard work today!
We sorted the cards together at group, then they had to tackle this page at their table on their own!

Wednesday afternoon we created these adorable 
KINDERGARTEN-APPLESEED projects after learning a bit about Johnny Appleseed!

Our science table is all about apples!

Thursday we had Careers on Wheels!
What fun!

 This k kid brought us some SMORES for our Ss Day Snack!
 Here are a few more family projects!

 Thursday's centers included:
We tasted our applesauce and the dried apples we made together...MMMMM!

 Happy Apple Beginning Sounds...

 Happy Apple Number Matching...

 and apple rhyme time!

 Remember to come back next week for apple orchard pics!
Thanks for sending me any you can share!

 Good Read this week:
And now for the week of October 10-14:
Reading: Letters Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, and Xx
Beginning Sounds and Rhyming
Star Word "like"
Math: Patterns
Theme: Fire Safety!
Social Studies: Our Big Home
BIG NEWS: There is an early dismissal coming up on 
Wednesday, October 19 at 
1:00 Workshop Afternoon

No School on Thursday and Friday 
October 20-21 due to MEA

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