Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 Week 38 THE END!

Well, not only are we getting ready for Sorcha's graduation and a family gathering (new ceilings included)...but we are taking care of baby bunnies!  
Which will just grow up to eat my apple trees!  
What are we thinking?  
Oh, I know, they are sooooo cute!

 Our last round of morning challenges were:
playdo!  (dividing into equal fourths was the skill!)
 spinning tops!
 and building blocks!
 Guess what's coming up?  As soon as it warms up that is!
 We made our final page in our memory book!
(I feel the same way!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!)
 Here's another summer birthday...
 We are the kings and queens of kindergarten!

 We made treasure chests of star words!
 Another summer birthday!
 Here's our last centers:
Pokey Pin first grade words...

 Play do animal creations...

Mirror, Mirror star words...

 and finally writing our friends' names one last time...

Here it is...

We finally had our squirt gun fun!
Really, why was I the wettest?

On our last day we solved TANGRAMS...

Our very last morning message.
The last day is always a bittersweet time!
 And they are off!
Happy Graduation Class of 2017!
 Mr. Harper held our Kindergarten Spring Concert!
What to go, kids!
 Let me leave you with this final shot!
You! The parents participating WITH your kindergartener,
doing the TOOTY TA!
Thank you for a very wonderful year!
And now for next week....
Ha! Enjoy your summer with your child!
P.S. Here's a few photos from social media, thanks for sharing!

Plus one last photo...This will be your k kids in just 12 short years...believe me, it'll go unbelievably quick ! Enjoy every phase of your child's life!
And congrats, Sorcha!


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