Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 9 Xx, Yy, Zz Skeletons, Spiders, Ghosts, and Halloween!

Hope you had a chance to bring your little one to Trunk or Treat last weekend!
What Fun!

We finished our abc book this week!
Here are some samples from last week, too, as I forgot to post them...

 We sent home the completed books for you to vote on your favorite page!  Have fun!

 Monday we began our day with new morning challenges:
Batty ABC order...

Spider Number Match...

 Batty Numeric Order...

Our Xx snack was Xtra Stuffed Peanut Butter Crackers...

We had a lesson on the human skeleton...what fun we had with the life size xray!
We learned there are 206 bones in the human skeleton: 
 Here is a link to a fun song about our bones:

  Morning Message on Xx 'xray'!

We also began a graphing activity with a 
"GROWING" brain!

 Oh MY!  Aren't these mummies adorable?

On Tuesday we had Yellow bananas and Yogurt for our Yy snack!

We learned about spiders on Tuesday, too!
Here we are singing 
"There's a spider on the floor, on the floor!"

During Tuesday's centers we did the following:
Spider Beginning Sounds...

Spider Dots Counting...

Spider bdpqg sort...(tricky letters to tell apart)

Living and nonliving...

Here are a few of the cutie pie spiders we made...
 perfect for singing our song with!
"There's a spider on the floor, on the floor!"

Choice time...

I just love these spiders!

On Wednesday we had Zebra Cakes for our final eating our way through the alphabet experience!
 Thank you to everyone who sent such tasty letter themed snacks!
At conferences you will have a chance to sign up for our WEDNESDAY WEEKLY snacks as each letter will have the entire week as our focus time.

Here is Wednesday's Morning Message...

On Wednesday we had a spooky time with a ghost theme!
Yep, we stood on chairs as we tossed up our ghosts to see if they landed on happy or sad face. Then we graphed our data. We are just like scientists, I tell ya!

Another chair standing activity were the adorable spinner ghosts...yep, we learned about air resistance!

Here are some of the great reads from this week:
Not a Box and Yes Day are fast, fun reads! 

 We had new morning challenges on Thursday:
Spelling spooky words....

We also sorted out the greeting

Ghost numeric order...

Thursday was a Kindergarten Switch-a-Roo day!
Here are Mrs. Kalmes' kids creating Halloween Cats...

Here we are painting our Halloween cats...

Mrs. Pilger's kids are patiently waiting to paint...

 This is the cute bat bracelet we made with Mrs. Kalmes!

Miss Sierra, a field experience student from WSU, stopped in for an extra day of small group projects!
 Today she finished up a "letters in our name" project
(comparing numerals to 10)
 and began this center activity:
Our Earth's Land

At centers today we had the following stations:
Monster Measuring...

10 TImid Ghosts
Counting practice and READING the sentence we created...

Printing Halloween Words...

and Halloween Playdo!

Here are the adorable ghosts we made with Mrs. Pilger today!

More choice time activities:
These two worked together to put the skeleton back together!

Mrs. Sauers created cute little Halloween necklaces or magnets with the kiddos!

And here are two k kids working like scientists on the skeleton chart!

On Halloween, Mr. Reibel came into our room dressed as a CARDINAL football player!

We spent the morning working on fun, educational, Halloween themed pages and packing our TRICK or TREAT bags!  We can hardly contain our excitement!

We finally got to change into our costumes after lunch! 

 one more....
Our Halloween parade was a hit!
 And then our party started!
Joni played a spiderweb game...
 Suzie played Halloween bingo with us...

 Heather played a ghost bowling game and a pumpkin toss game with us...

Amanda helped with an adorable pumpkin throwing game however the picture did not turn out...sorry! 

 I helped with the delicious snack that these generous parents provided!  There were cupcakes, witch hats, popcorn balls, and a sweet and salty mix!  WOW!


Thank you so much, Joni and Suzy, Heather and Amanda!


Without these wonderful parent volunteers we would have just an ordinary Halloween party, but they gave us a PHENOMENAL PARTY!
It's going to be hard to top!

 Here are a few more books we read!

And now for the week of November 4-7...
Reading: Letter Mm (all week! our focus is sound and correct formation using penmanship lines)
Also the word 'I', beginning sounds and rhyming
Math: Zero to 5, more,less,equal
Theme: Outer Space
Science: What living things need
Social Studies: Seasons bring change
BIG NEWS: Conference slips will be sent home this week with your date and time.
Looking forward to seeing you!


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