Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 8 Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww and Pumpkins and Bats!

I love to begin with the children's literature we enjoyed this week:
 So many books!  So little time!

Oh, my goodness!
Didn't this project turn out fabulous?
We will leave it up until conferences
(sign up sheet was sent home Friday)
so you can see it yourself!

Monday was Tt day...we had fun with TOOTY TA!
 The kids also received TINY TURTLE bracelets from my TRAVELS TO see my TINY grandbabies in Indy!
 The Tt chart...
 Our Tt snack...
 We earned some play time outside on Monday...
 What a beautiful day to play!

I had snack on Tuesday for letter Uu...
UPSIDE down cupcakes with UMBRELLAS!

 We are practicing beginning sounds...
 and printing the letter Uu...

Tuesday's Centers included the following stations:
Red and Yellow painting mixing for the hallway pumpkin project...

Pokey Pin letters!
 a fun, new way for us to focus on letter formation...

A Science station: Parts of a plant
 We have fun with big words like CHLOROPHYLL!  

 Ww Worm ABC-abc match...

Our science table is just full of interesting objects to study!

Choice time is a good time to be a scientist!

Or an explorer...

Or friends at the smartboard...

or creating at the writing/art center...

or just plain old playing with transforming letter/vehicles...
 or practicing sounds...

Wednesday brought new morning challenges:
beginning sound puzzles...

building autumn words...

and pumpkin numeric order WITH TALLY MARKS!

We created our own 
to share with you... 

We also completed our adorable pumpkins!
One to share, one to take home!

 I love love love these!!!!!

We also learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin...

Here are some new (or added to) centers for your child to explore...

On Thursday we posed with this Jack-O-Lantern to measure height.
Isn't google plus amazing that it will create this fun slide show of all the kids?

 It was funny to the kids that NONE of the adults were shorter than Jack!

Our Vv treat was a VARIETY of snacks!

Thursday was Ww day...we made wet, watercolor witches!

 Our snack was WHEAT THINS!

Thursday's centers included: order (what comes next?)

Ways to make 7... 
 with BATS!

Painting the abc's...
we focused on printing letters BEGINNING at the TOP!

My station was a BAT HAT with
Rhyming Words!

We learned many interesting bat facts on Thursday.
Did you know bats can fly as fast as 60 mph?

Here's one little pumpkin that didn't get her picture taken yesterday for our measurement activity...

Lately, the leaders want their pics taken with the morning message...
This was beginning sound, by the way...

On Friday, Ms. Manly took us to the computer lab!
Oh, Happy Day!
We learned how to use PAINT.

And now for the news....
October 27-31
Reading: Letters Xx, Yy, and Zz rhyming and beginning sounds
Math: Zero to Five printing and one-one correspondence 
Theme: Spiders, Halloween
Science: What are Living and Nonliving?
Social Studies: Our World's Water
On Thursday we will have our first K switch-a-roo day where the kids go to all 3 kindergarten classrooms for a fun Halloween project!
On Friday we will have our Halloween party at 1:30.
The kids may bring costumes and a treat for the class.
We will change into our costumes AFTER lunch.


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