Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 Week 29 Rainbows and Seasons!

Yep, this is ALL I've been doing lately!
Well at least it seems like it!
I just love making maple syrup but I am kind of glad the season is wrapping up!
 This week in K we began with new morning challenges:
We are practicing with the <>= signs!
 Can you spot a few errors?  Yep, we are just learning!

 This is weather sentences...

 And here is Odd/Even but they were quicker than me!
Can you see it in their hands as they cleaned up?

Monday was THUNDERCAKE day!
We read the book by Patricia Polocco and made our own thundercake! The only ingredient we were missing was the actual THUNDER!
 The kids measuring, stirred, chopped, decorated, and ate our delicious version of thundercake!
mix together one box of angel food cake
 and one box of cake mix your choice, then
3 TBSP of mix
2 TBSP of water
1 minute in the microwave
Be sure to use a larger mug as it rises up!
decorate with whipped cream and strawberries...MMMM!


We created these cutie books about a rainbow poem!
 Monday's art project was RAINBOW HAIR!

 This guy even created his own rainbow on the smartboard.
 Here's a few other choice time choices...

 Tuesday's centers included:
Secret Code Color Words...

 Ways to make numbers...

 Hidden Color Words...

 and Writing Words Rainbows...

 We graphed our favorite color and really paid attention to the data!
Notice the greater than, equal, and less than "talk" .  The kids also used their +1 and -1 skills!
 This is how we collected data...just like the homework!
 Thursday morning we had our annual Fools' 5 celebration!
Mr. Schmaltz, HE MAN, awarded prizes for most money raised and oldest tshirts!
 Here's our winners for oldest shirts and money raised!
Thursday's centers included:
unscrambling color words...

 Paint Chip Word Families...

 Ways to Make 10 Rainbow...

 Painting a Rainbow!

 At Maker Stations today in Library, these kiddos worked together to create this beautiful structure!

Good Reads this week:

And now for the week of April 3-7:
Reading...Letter Hh and Kk, punctuation
Star Words: he no must away by there
Math: Money
Theme: Wrap up seasons begin MUD
Science: Describing Weather
Big News:
Early Dismissal,~April 13 at 1:00
Spring Break~ Friday, April 14

Be looking for report cards to be emailed 
to you after the end of the week. 
Wow we are beginning the 4th quarter all ready!


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