Friday, March 3, 2017

2017 Week 25 Letter Dd, Dr.Seuss Week!

Okay, you'll just have to power through these amazing
 mini-vacation photos before you get to the K Kids!
First of all, after much worry and preplanning, there was not a flake of snow at the airport while southeastern Minnesota was snowed in!  Crazy!
So, Fionn and I landed in Atlanta and arrived to see this!
Peach blossoms!  
and Magnolia blossoms!
 There were flowers budding out everywhere!
The prettiest flower of all was right here in my lap...
Baby Adelaide!
 Smiling on her mama and happy with her new bunny hat!
 When my son got home from work, we zipped (4 hours to the east) over to Savannah, GA!
This town is one of my favorites in the whole world!
We saw the Pete the Cat illustrators art gallery...
 My kid is an excellent daddy!
 Saturday morning we headed to the Farmers' Market at iconic Forsythe, fresh fruit and veggies!

Here's what baby Adi thinks of all this tourist stuff! 
 Fionn and I walked the entire length of Historic Savannah!
 We headed south for an hour to Jekyll Island!
How I LOVE the ocean!  Strange how I was the only one IN it...hmmm, must be my Lake Superior training.

 Sunday morning Fionn and I woke early to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean!  Amazing!  There's a video on my facebook and Instragram page if you are interested...

 We were the first ones to beach comb...
 After checking out of the amazing beach front (nearly, just a small board walk hike away on account of the sea turtle rules, no artificial light on the beach) hotel, we ventured to the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Rescue Center.
 We also checked out the cool 250 year old ruins of a mansion once on the island.  
 We visited this slightly eerie driftwood beach.

 Our last stop was the visitors' center to purchase an orb as we did not find any.  Every day in January and February, orbs are hidden on the island for people to find and KEEP!
Artists from around the country are commissioned to create these beauties to bring tourism to the island on the off season.  Graham and Melissa go yearly on a quest to find one.  I teased that I found one!  I just had to PAY for mine!

But this was the biggest treasure ever...spending time with this little family!
 Yep, back at school Monday morning
 after getting back at 3 am. 
 That makes for part of the fun!

Our Dr. Seuss week has begun!
We can create stacked cup structures in the discovery table...what fun!
 We made Cat in the Hat's to kick off our week!

 There's a potato story book character contest happening this week!  The kids help me finish mine!  Stay tuned for the kids' own creations later in this blog!
 New morning challenges included:
Dr. Seuss backward ABC order...

 Dr. Seuss Sentences...

 Dr. Seuss Counting by 5s...

 Every day this week we are participating in D.E.A.R...
Drop Everything And Read!
 More Dr. Seuss fun...
 Tuesday was polka dot day!
 Tuesday's centers included:
Gathering data to make a graph with Ms.Nelson...

 Interpreting a graph with Ms. Amy...

 Missing Middle sound with Ms. Karen...

 Read the Room with Colorful Eggs and Ham...

 More cup stacking...
 Oh, my goodness!  We came in 2nd place for the Boxtops/Milk Moola fund raiser!  That's never happened!
Thanks to all who sent in boxtops and lids
(especially Rosie's family who brought us a TON!)

Wednesday was Wocket in my Pocket day...

 Here's a few Dr. Seuss areas for the kids to explore...

We had another birthday celebration!
 This cutie brought us Dd Donuts for our Dd treat!
 We created Cat in the Hat hats to wear...

 My own kiddos at home created these "green eggs and ham" treat to share with ALL of the Kindergarten classes...Yummy!
 Here's some of the artwork from this week...

 On Thursday we built this amazing graph with the Dr. Seuss books the kids brought from home...

 They had a blast sorting, counting, comparing numbers!

 Thursday's centers included:
Read the Room, Thing1 and Thing2 counting by 2s...

 Reading Words with The Cat's Hat...

 Ways to make 10 with The Cat in the Hat...

 And my all time favorite...Creature Creations!

 For the first time ever we had a bonus station.
We sorted real/silly words.  
Kids we attempted it received a lovely prize!
Good reads this week...
 We created these nice little picture frames for you to thank you for all the extra work during this fun week!

Two storybook characters...The peddler from Caps For Sale and a Witch!
  Friday's new morning challenges:
Dr. Seuss addition...

 Dr. Seuss sentence unscramble...

 and a Dr. Seuss puzzle...

Here's a few of our storybook potato participants:

And now for the week of March 6-9:
Reading: Short i word families, review all sounds
Star Word review all so far
Math: Addition
Science: Where do animals find food?
Who lives in a meadow? Who lives in a pond?
Snow pants and boots are still required until the playground dries up. The supervisors will let me know, I will let you know at that time.
(1st-12th have school)

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