Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 4 Ee, Ff ,Gg, Hh and APPLES!!!!

Before we begin,
Just a few pics from our Grandbaby Indianapolis Trip...
Grandpa is holding Wren, I have Calla, and Shae and Chris are holding new baby Crusoe!

And here he is...Cru!  I think he is smiling at Grandma!
We took a tour of a large scale honey farm...interesting!

Grandpa loved reading to his granddaughters!

And to ease my sadness, a delicious pizza on the way home!

And now for our week!
Letter Ee day was on Monday... 

We did an EXPERIMENT making

It just kept foaming out of the tube!  
Here's all you need....
And follow these directions at...

The yeast worked as a catalyst to help release 
the extra oxygen atom on the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
to create plain old water! 
 We added soap to make it nice 
and foamy!


Then we just played in the foam!

The kids earned a POPCORN party!!!!!
The kiddos and I play the ABC Game daily.
We review 25/26 abc cards with naming the letter,
saying the sound, and doing the visual phonics that each letter is associated with.  THEN, the leader and the leader's table guess
which letter we left out.
If they say the correct letter, they get a point.
If not, I do.
I also get points for poor behavior: kids not participation,
shouting out answers, not sitting as expected.

Yep, they got to 10 before I even had 3 points!
Well done!

 Here we are eating popcorn, drinking lemonade while watching a rest time movie!

We also painted Ee eggs for our ABC book...

And Elijah brought a snack where we had to look for the 

Here are a few of our dressed up Movie Characters from Homecoming Week!

Tuesday started out very bad...very very bad...
I dropped and BROKE my phone!
Here are some pics with Mrs. Kalmes' camera...
Letter Ff day began with a FOAMY FIZZY Experiment!
Yep, we had safety glasses (not needed but fun to wear)
and lab partners just like a real science lab!
We predicted what might happen if we add a white powder (baking soda) to a liquid (vinegar)... 

Yep, a mini fizzy foamy volcano!

Our snack was FRUIT ROLLUPS!

We drew Ff in our fish....

At least weekly we will have learning centers where we have 4-5 stations set up for the kids to rotate through.
Here we are reviewing how animals move:
walk/run/crawl,  swim/float, and fly

This team was practicing patterns....

This team was counting apples in a tree...

and this team reviewed lower case letters...

at choice we added a ton of baking soda to a tray and let the kiddos drip drop colored vinegar into it...

We also journaled using our imaginations:
Start with a feather....

New morning challenges on Wednesday included:
Apple numeric order...

Counting apples into a tree...

and apple abc ABC match...

Here is a fun set of pictures for the classbook
Apples Up on Top of Kindergarten...
be looking for this lucky duck book to come home with your child in the near future!

We also measured ourselves against apples!

Wednesday was letter Gg day with Goldfish for a snack!

We glittered Ggs in our abc books...

The smartboard was ready for our practice Ggs...
and we had GLOWSTICKS at rest time to practice making Ggs with...kind of tricky!

We also took pictures wearing GOOFY GLASSES!
Can you GUESS who?

 This will be another lucky duck book!

Wow, Wedneday was crazy busy!
We graphed our apples by size....
and color!

Mrs. Benke helped us think like scientists while studying our apples...

Drawing and measuring as we record our data...

Thursday was letter Hh day!
We began by making Happy Apple Applesauce and Dried Apples...

Yum! And the aroma was delightful!

We had to squeeze in our cardinal parade decoration as the apple orchard was also on Friday the same day as the parade...

Just to be nice, Will brought HALLOWEEN gummies... it wasn't even his treat day but he made it match the letter!
Well done!
Hailey did have the letter Hh...HAYSTACKS!
Oh, and I brough HONEY STICKS from my Indy trip and the HONEY FARM....

We ended the day with a taste test...
apple sauce, dried apples, apple juice, and whole apples!

and we did one more science page:
Animals change and grow...we learned the words adult and offspring!

Our bears went HOME from the HALLWAY (all letter Hh words!)

We have been reading environmental print:
I see....

Here are some of this week's reads...
 and this week's charts....

and this week's abc pages....

Plus our Johnny Appleseeds....

Friday morning began with a school wide photo shoot...Rod, the photographer, was on top of the school to get a great shot of us wearing school colors!

 and finally apple orchard and parade pics!

We went to Ferguson's Morningside Apple Orchard....hope you get a chance to go with your family sometime with Autumn!

 Here we are waiting for Farmer Tom...


 We went on a wagon ride into the orchard....

 Farmer Tom taught us all about apple trees!

 Testing the product...
 and then we got to pick our own apple!

 LUNCH time!

 and finally time to play!

Thanks to Heather and Darien for sending me playtime photos (my new camera died..I am not a good judge at how long a battery will last in the blufflands searching for signal, apparently!)

We made it back just in time to leave for the parade!
Here is Mr. Riebel in his cardinal gear helping us across the street...

Go BIG RED!!!!

 And then I headed out for our weekend on the North Shore...Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail!
this is sunrise over Lake Superior...

 Here we are pretty fresh and ready for the day....heehee things change!

Great view but tough hiking for awhile!  Always looking for the trail markers....

Definitely NOT as fresh (tired and STINKY!) after 10 miles....but the candy shop helped!

And now for the week of September 29-October 3
BIG news: book orders are due on Tuesday by 6 pm...hope you can use the free book coupon!

Also on Tuesday, Ms. Todd is hosting a Careers on Wheels Day....What fun!

Reading: letters Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll plus rhyming

Math: position and location.
Science: How can we sort animals?
Social Studies: Leaders at home and school
Theme: wrap up apples and begin leaves


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