Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 3 Letters Aa Bb Cc Dd and SHAPES!

Wow, A THURSDAY blog post?
My hubby and I are taking Friday off to drive to Indianapolis to see that sweet new grandson of ours!
We are leaving right after school on Thursday and will return on Sunday. Late.  Really really late.
Be looking for many pics of our grandbabies and our new extended family in Indy!
Here's one to tide you over....awwww!

So, here is this week in review...

We began our crazy letter of the day series.
During our literacy time we focus on how the "guest" letter looks, what sound it makes, and how to print it.
This is an introduction ...we will revisit each letter in turn for an entire week beginning in November.

However, letter names (upper and lower) need to be mastered by the first report card.  Keep practicing!

Here is our lette Aa message...
(we are also working in at home if necessary)
 Each day we are adding a page to our abc book.
We will bring these home toward the end of October when we reach Zz!

 Monday was also our 10th day of K!
We met Zero the Hero a little bear who helps us celebrate all days that end in ZERO!

Monday was a busy one as we also created these ALLIGATOR purses full of pics that start with a! 

Tuesday was Bb day!
Here is Maycie with our Bb Bananas!
 New morning challenges for all tables were matching upper case to lower case...

We painted BEARS with eye!

We are part of an Alphabet Exchange with 25 other teachers all across America (and one Canadian class!)
We decorated 26 MMMMM Mooses to send to their exchange they will send us their letter!
Can't wait to see some come in!
Be looking for our hallway display highlighting this collaborative project!

 Tuesday's Bb message....and Bb Abc book page...
 A completed bear!
  On Wednesday we learned about the letter Cc.
Each day we have a password...

Lainey brought us cheese sticks!

Check out our Cc cat....
 After milk break the kiddos check out of morning work then they have time for books/puzzles/games. 
Fun while learning...can't beat that!

We did not have centers on Tuesday because we watched 2 bus safety videos in Mrs. Kalmes' room.
We had a very nice whole group discussion on bus safety, ask your kiddo to tell you some good rules.

So Wednesday we had centers...SHAPES stations!
 We learned how to cut squares into triangles.
Pure magic, I tell you!

 We arranged 4 thin rectangles into one fat square!

 We painted circles with "marshmallows"

and we sorted shapes into these adorable little jars!

Here are some of the great books we read this week...

Thursday brought new morning challenges:
Putting brown bear characters in order 1-20

Sorting by color...
(sorry, the group pic did not turn out)

 Sorting by shape...

We had our first switch-a-roo day!
My kids went to Mrs. Pilger to create these adorable Aa apples:

Meanwhile I painted the life cycle of the apple tree with Mrs. Kalmes' kids.

 After milk break we reversed the process...
My kids went to Mrs. Kalmes to make apple smiles!

 and I did the same painting with Mrs. Pilger's kids.
Now, if time we will paint ours this afternoon!

 If all goes well, the sub will create these Dd pages with the kids tomorrow as well as do a DOT page!

Joaquin brought us DRIED FRUIT!  Delicious!

 Here is our leader with Thursday's apple switch day message...

And now for next week, September 22-26
Reading: letters Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh and rhyming
Math: Position and Location
Theme: APPLES!
Big News: Our apple orchard field trip is Friday!
It is also Homecoming week with the following dress up days:
Monday: movie day
Tuesday: Minnesota Day
Wednesday: Dress Up Day for pictures!
Thursday: Black Out Day 
Friday: Red Day
The parade is at 2:00!

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