Thursday, December 7, 2017

2017 Week 14 Letter Cc, star word 'a', GINGERBREAD!

Here's a lovely little treat for you.... A Lake Superior sunrise near Castle Danger! We took a weekend trip to shop the Winter Village at Glensheen, to enjoy the lights of Bentleyville, to backpack another section on the Superior Hiking Trail, and to kick around the beaches by Gooseberry... A perfect weekend! 

Yes, it was freezing cold but I like it like that! 

Your child will go outside for 15-20 minutes everyday that the temp is above 0 degrees.  We do not accept notes from home to keep your child in.  Fresh air and sunshine are important even to kids with the sniffles. 
Hats, gloves/mittens, warm jackets( for now) and snow pants and boots (needed soon... but you can send them anytime for warmth if you wish) all NEED your child's name written in/on them.
The lost and found is growing everyday!

On Monday we celebrated another 6 year old! 
Look at those gorgeous (and tasty) cake pops! 

Aren't these adorable? The kids designed them this week, we've used them for centers, poetry, and math!

 Your K Kid should be able to read you this chart!

Mrs. Sauers is helping us finish our gingerbread houses.
They are very cute! 

The gingerbread shop is still a hit! 

We made a very yummy graph about
"Which part of the Gingerbread Cookie do you bite first?"
As you can see, heads clearly won! 
These are THE BEST gingerbread cookies!
They are from Trader Joe's. 
Oh this looks like fun! 
Each kiddo got to roll out and cut out a gingerbread man! 

Here's a couple family projects... Adorable! 

This is also a popular station... 
Tuesday's morning challenges included :
Gingerbread Puzzles A-M... 

Gingerbread Numeric Order... 

Gingerbread counting by 5s...
Here's the cookie decorating table just waiting for centers! 
But first, a few more family projects... 

Here's Tuesday's centers:
Gingerbread decorating station...

Roll and record - an family... 
Gingerbread friends... 

Gingerbread ABC match...

Those cookies were delicious! 

We've got another 100 club member! 
Oh joy! 

On Wednesday afternoon we were treated to an "AMAZING SCIENCE" program brought to us by the PLAY group.  It was truly amazing! We journaled about our favorite nice is this one?

We finally got to play with the gingerbread play dough.
MMMMMM! It smells so good! 

Here are a group of kiddos playing a word work game
Crazy but true! They don't even know they're learning, they think they're playing! 

The igloo is growing and we've had lots of readers in it. Thanks for sending the bottom third of milk jugs. 

This caring kid brought cupcakes for Cc week! 

Two more family projects...

Thursday's center's included:
Gingerbread number words...

Gingerbread house counting...

Gingerbread house +10...

Gingerbread star words
( plus a power word bonus if they finished)

 Good reads this week...

Friday's new morning challenges:
Gingerbread Numeric order...

Gingerbread ABC order (backwards!)

Letter Sound Match...

We compared are contrasted with a VENN diagram...

We also voted for one of our favorite versions of the gingerbread folktale:
Here's a couple more family projects:
(just a few out yet)

Looking good!

 And now for the week of December 11-15:
Reading: letter Pp, star word 'to
-am family and blending words
Math:  comparing numbers to 10
Theme:  finish gingerbread
begin Reindeer and Christmas trees
Science: Our World
Social Studies: Meeting needs
Winter Break begins Friday,  December 22.
School resumes Tuesday,  January 2


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