Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 33, Letter Oo, star word 'play', FARM!

What a lovely week in Kindergarten!
On Monday we learned about Earth Day!

On Tuesday we made 
We drew them, and wrote about them,

 and then
 MIXED them! Yummy!
(Grape juice and ice cream)

Next week we will actually be 
MAKING ice cream with Mrs. Kalmes 
during our Kindergarten Switch-a-Roo day!

The kids rediscovered the puzzle box this week and were very busy trying to put ALL on them together during books, puzzles, and games time!

 Tuesday's centers included:
Taking Care Of Our Earth...

Trash or Treasure (Real or Silly) Words...

 Recycle Readers...

Earth Teens Place Value...

Our morning challenges included:
Short o words...

 Counting by 10s Piggies...

 And  ( a hard one) matching animal noises and words...

I brought Wednesday's Oo snack...OREOS!

The best show and tell EVER...Seth's new baby brother!

Thursday's Centers:
What is the Earth Made of?
(Land Water Air)

How Many Sounds? 

Sound it out barns....

And Farm Animal Sounds...
(we practiced writing like a 1st grader!)

Good Reads:

And now the for week of April 27-May 1
Reading: Letter Yy, short o, star word 'she'
Math: Clocks and telling time
Theme: Farm and Pets
Science: What Makes Sound?
Tuesday, April 29  Kindergarten Hoe Down!
Where your cowboy/farmer/rancher clothes

Friday, May 1st 1:00 Early Dismissal

Fridays, May 8,15,22 NO SCHOOL
Monday, May 25 NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

Friday, May 29 Oxbow Park/Zollman Zoo Field Trip
(more info soon)

Wednesday, June 3  Family Picnic 
and K Concert at Farmer's Park 

Thursday, June 4 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 32 Letter Ww, Money, Wind, Mud, and WORMS!

Just a pic of a little happy (slightly dirty) puppy to start our blog! 

 This was a crazy week in Kindergarten with several very fun and interesting themes happening!
Monday was WIND DAY!
We recorded findings like a scientist as we predicted how many breaths of wind it took to move items!

We made whirligigs to play with the wind...

 And we recorded good and bad things about the wind.
 We read a book called Wind Blown where pieces of paper get rearranged by the wind into cool pictures.
Then we made our own pictures with those same scraps!

Here are a few more beautiful rainbows!

 Monday morning also had new morning challenges:
Rabbit Greater Than...

 Carrot Reverse ABC order...

 Bunny and Carrot Counting by 5s...

Tuesday was MUD DAY!!!
Yep, we painted with MUD!

 Our chart for the day...

Tuesday's Centers included:
Paint Chip Nonsense Words...

 Middle Sound Stamp...

 Coin Graphing...

 Weather Words...

Hey, The vet clinic is up and running! 

 What fun!

Ww treat on Wednesday was WORMS!
 We still have letter Uu open for snack sign up if anyone wishes to bring one more time this year.  
Just let me know!

We are learning about the value of coins this week.
Here is what 100 coins looks like!

We painted a muddy pig on Wednesday! 
 We also created these cuties!
Notice all the great pig facts we knew and/or learned about!

We created 3 farm animal projects on Wednesday.
The pig was one.
These nice hens were number two...

and these great cows #3...

Thursday morning we had new morning challenges again!
Piggy counting by 5s...

Matching coins to their value...

 Farm Animal Spelling...

Mrs. Sauers surprised us with WATERMELON DONUTS
for letter Ww week!

Thursday was WORM day ...WHAT FUN!

 We also took a close look at the coins we use.

 Did your k kids show you the secret Abraham Lincoln on the back of the penny? 

Thursday's centers included:
Pig in the Pen addition...

Pig in the Mud sound it out...

Barn Tallies...

Counting Dimes (and nickels if time) Piggies...

What a lot of GOOD READS this week...

 we began a Junie B. Jones chapter book
 Even though Joaquin moved away, 
we wanted to remember his birthday so we sent him a picture of us with the birthday cake.
Happy Birthday, Joaquin!

And now for the week of April 20-23
Reading: Letter Oo, segmenting, star word 'play'
Math: Finish money begin clocks
Theme: Farm and Earth Day
Science: What makes heat?
NO SCHOOL for K Kids on Friday, April 24th due to RoundUp for next year's kids.
1st -12th still in session
Early out 1:00 on Friday, May 1


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