Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 16 Letter Aa, star word review, and CHRISTMAS themes!

On the home front...
Our family tradition of decorating gingerbread houses continues...
"never too old for gingerbread" my 17 year old tells me! 
Let's hope that holds true for at least a few more years!

 Meanwhile back in the classroom...
we wrapped up a few more gingerbread projects left over from last week:
Gingerbread House ~an family...

The countdown continues...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE labeling things...

Books, Puzzles, and Games has a lot of nice winter themed activites.  This polar bear game is a hit!
 So is reading the chart!

We created our own count down to Christmas star...hope you are enjoying them at home!

Our poetry journal this week was the poem
 We had tons of fun acting it out!
 Here is our little version...

Tuesday's centers included:
Looking for words (itty bitty tiny words)
like a detective!

 Reindeer beginning sounds...

 Spin a Holiday word....also a ton of fun!

 Christmas card tallies...

We also started new morning challenges on Tuesday but I forgot to take pictures so here's Wednesday's round...
 Polar Bear Sentences...

 Christmas Tree abc order and number order...

 Holiday Words...

Wednesday was our Switch-a-Roo Day!
These are Mrs. Kalmes' kids heading out with the treasure we made for you....shhhh! It's a surprise!
 Here is a peek at the supplies used...lots of glitter!

 The k kids rotated through all three classrooms to create gifts for you!
Merry Christmas!

We had APPLESAUCE on Aa Treat Day!

We also learned about the 5 Senses with this cute little book:


 We brainstormed things we see/hear/feel/taste/smell...

 What fun!
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 Thursday was our HOLIDAY CONCERT day!
Here we are getting ready...

Here's the crowd...
 and finally us!
 A bit blurry but beautiful!
Well, done K Kids!
And after the program, some nice opportunities for pictures! 

Our IGLOO is finished!
Thanks to all who sent in milk jug bottoms.
We kept it small this year as the supply seemed smaller than usual.  It turned out just adorable!

Friday brought the last of 2014's morning challenges!
These will get us through to Tuesday.

Polar Bear Numeric Order... 
 Merry Christmas!

 and a Santa Puzzle!

And now for our short pre-Christmas week:
Reading: Holiday Themes
Math: Shapes -2d
Theme: Polar Express

Remember to wear pajamas on Tuesday for our Polar Express day!


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