Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 14 Letter Bb, Star Word 'my', Polar Animals

Welcome December!
We have such a fabulous, fun, education month in store for us!
Here are a trio of kiddos who are working on some of our winter puzzles...
 On Monday we began learning about the letter Bb and
where we hear it in a word:
It takes a lot of good listening to hear where those sounds are!

We began a unit on POLAR animals...south and north poles!
Monday's focus was on penguins!
We learned many penguin facts. 

Hip hip horray!  Here are the winter legos!

One of my favorite housekeeping areas is open this week as well....the CHRISTMAS BAKE SHOP!
 More pictures of this yummy area are posted a bit farther down this post...

We have a passel of budding engineers as they work together to make the wooden marble run work!

The new discovery table for December is POLAR FUN!
If your little one comes home with sparkles this is probably where it is coming from!

Tuesday's Centers included:
making 'snow' at the science table!
We learned the word POLYMER,
which is just a chain of molecules.  When we added water to this polymer, it also grabbed a molecule or two of oxygen and fluffed up to make lovely, cool fake snow!
 Pretty cool!
Here are a few other scientists..

 The red table was number word penguins...

Here is NEEDS vs. WANTS... 

The yellow table was penguin measuring...

And the green team was penguin egg beginning sounds!

 Here is all the snow we created together!
 more scientist pics...

On Wednesday we had BBBBBrownies!

We also had new morning challenges:
Penguin numeric order...

Penguin missing numeral...with fish!

and Penguin number word, numeral, tally match...

We went to our neighbor's, Mrs. Pilger's room, to measure against a life sized EMPEROR PENGUIN!
Are we TALLER, SHORTER, or EQUAL to the height of this cutie pie?

 This is our first attempt at listening to the /b/...
very nicely done!

Wednesday after lunch we created last name snowpeople!
What fun! 

 Scroll down for the hallway pics of the completed snowpeople!

These two are enjoying the snow we made.
 Here is the rest of the science table...

More Christmas Bake Shop pics!
 No wonder I go home starving!

Hallway pics...

Here are some of the adorable family projects coming in!

Thursday's centers included playdo cookie center...

Penguin Color Words...

Polar Animals Greater Than...

Polar Bear Tallies...

More playdo fun!

Mrs. Sauers is working on tiny little clay snowpeople with the class.  She can only get to 5 or so a day so we are not done yet.  But the ones that are finished are so cute!

And Friday we did this....

 The cutest polar bears ever!

Here are a few of the books we read this week as well as the reading chart.  Your child should be able to read this to you!  Give it a try...

 And here are a few more Gingerbread Man Family Projects...CUTE!

And now for the week of December 8-12
Reading: Letter N, sound /n/, short a word families
Math: Comparing Numbers
Science: What is Earth's Land Like?
Social Studies: All About Time 
Our Winter Concert is Thursday, December 18 at 1:30.
Your child should dress up for the concert. 
I promise no paint on that day!
Your child is free to leave with you or to sit with you to watch the older kids' concerts.

We still need milk/juice/water jugs 
(bottom 1/3 only) 
We are so close to at least getting the base made to our igloo!

10 Days of Giving Food Shelf Drive continues until the 10th.
Thanks for contributing!

Thanks for sending a couple of dollars to help defray the cost of the Christmas project the kids with be making with Mrs. Pilger.

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