Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 Week 31 Weather and Money continued...

I was lucky enough to get to help at the Fools' 5 race on Sunday... 
My hubby and I treated our kiddos to dinner theater at Chanhassen last Friday. NEWSIES has always been a favorite.... It was excellent!  Making memories!

This week we are saying goodbye to this k kid!
His family is moving to Wisconsin.
Best of wishes, Noah...keep in touch!
Monday's morning challenges included:
Counting on using teens and ones ...

Weather sentences...

Umbrella counting by 2s...
We have another 100 Club member!
Here's a few more family projects.. Our last one of the year, by the way!
On Tuesday we learned about clouds and created this lovely lucky duck book... 

We've really begun some tough work lately  but we can do it! We've been looking at silent e...
Tuesday's centers included:
odd or even with Ms. Amy...

A Brain Break Playdough table ...
Read the Room
Raining cats and dogs counting by 2s...

Color word puzzles...

Here's a couple more family projects...
On Wednesday we made rain drops on our journal page which will also be a lucky duck book soon!

We discussed the wind and whether it is good or bad. .. We've decided it's definitely BOTH!
We played with whirligigs and the wind...

The kids arrived on Thursday to this sneak peek for the day!  All the ingredients to make
Stay tuned for pictures during Thursday's centers....

Thursday's new Morning Challenges included :
Rainbow sentences.. .

Rainbow math sentences...

Raindrop word puzzles...

Every day at milk break the leader chooses the review video to watch  This one is a popular one.... Let's Count to 100
It's mandatory to strike this pose apparently!

We've been studying money, it's value and how to recognize coins. .

Thursday's centers included :
We mixed it in the  morning.. .
3 tbsp of mix (1box of angel food and 1 box of your choice of cake mix ... Just the mixes)
2 tbsp water
1 minute in the microwave
The kids even had to cut their own strawberries 

This cooking experience is based on the book Thundercake by Patricia Polocco.

Color word puzzles (round 2)

A money game with Mrs. Pulley...  We traded up coins

A windy science experiment with Ms. Amy...
How many breaths to move objects across the table 
More Thundercake pics... Happy kids!

The whipped cream was self serve until I discovered we used up one whole container on just 1 table! Yikes! I took over then to ensure everyone got some!

Good reads...
And now for the week of April 16-20...
Reading : letter u, blending, middle sounds
Star words: just, little, do, down, went, only
Math : time and clocks 
Science : things we see in the sky
Social Studies : Our World
Theme : rainbows and MUD! 

Big News :

Field trip Thursday, May 23 
info to Oxbow Zoo coming soon
Volunteers welcome! 

1:00 Dismissal on Friday, May 24

Last day of school family event for kindergarten

Friday, June 1
12:00 meet in cafeteria for lunch
12:30 Kindergarten music concert in Gym
1:00 (following the concert)
Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
All are welcome! 
Kids may go home after the celebration! 


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