Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 Week 11 Letter Aa, star word *see*, Turkeys!

Wow! This week flew by!
Thanks to all who came in for conferences!
It is nice to see you in person.

On Monday we made these bonus turkeys:
Tuesday's centers included:
brain break...make a turkey!
 How cute and creative!

 Great Turkey Race to 30...

  Turkey +1...

 Tricky Turkey letter sort...

Wednesday brought new morning challenges:
Beginning sound turkey feather sort... 
 Turkey abc order...

 Turkey one to one counting to 20...
 I brought Aa animal crackers for Aa snack.
We also used them as a math lesson...
How can you make 5?
1 pink 4 white? 2 pink 4 white?
 We've a few new stations!
The food table and...
 Oodles of Noodles discovery table!

 On Wednesday we learned about verbs, action words, with the cute activity RUN, TURKEY, RUN!
 In group time we generated a list of verbs.
 Individually they created these cute turkey legs and wrote their verb in a sentence using the word pattern from the book.  

 On Thursday we had a birthday celebration!
 We also celebrated the 50th day!
We are half way to 100!
 We labeled a turkey...whole group and
 Thursday's centers included:
Turkey feathers counting...

 Thanksgiving vocab counting...

 Thanksgiving I Spy...

 and Turkey +2!
 Good reads...
And now for the week of November 20-22:
Reading: Letter and star word review
Math: Reading and Writing 6-7
Theme: Thanksgiving
Social Studies: All about time 
Long ago and today
1:00 dismissal on Wednesday, November 22
No School November 23-26

Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 Week 10 Letter Ss, star word review, OUTER SPACE!

What a fast, fun week!
We began our outer space unit with new morning challenges:
Alien ABC order...

 Robot Rhyming...

 Outer Space one to one correspondence...

We began ACTION100!
This is a schoolwide reading program.
We are aiming for 100 steps of reading in our classroom!
The k kids are working on their stamina of independent reading without interruption.  We are up to 10 minutes most days!  My goal is to also read TO them for an additional 10 minutes...yay, me, as reading to them is the favorite part of my day!

 We will go over your part during conferences this next week.

The turkey family projects are rolling in!

Tuesday's centers included:
Galaxy Playdo brainbreak...
(this is the prettiest playdo ever!)

 Astronaut beginning sounds #1...

 Starry Less and More...

 Read the Room counting backwards ...
(our first read the room, the kids move around to find the color coded pictures and compete the skill)

 We also snuck in a pokey pin outer space vocabulary!
(the kids beg to do pokey pin!)
 On Wednesday I brought the Ss Snack...Skittles!
We had to make the s shape before we ate them!
  On Wednesday at library, the kids were so engaged in reading with Ms. Manly and Ms.Kay!

We used the extra skittles to do 
We used the words dissolve and diffuse as we watched the colors blend out!
We observed the difference between using hot and cold water.  This was a pretty cool, very easy experiment!

Here's a couple more turkeys!
 On Wednesday afternoon we created these Kandinsky concentric circles. They remind me of some cool outer space objects!

 Here's some good reads for the week...
 On Monday we practiced our last names on our rocket ships.

 Thursday's morning challenges included:
Out of the world counting by 10s...

 Astronaut word families...

 Rocket Ship abc order...
 These three worked during choice time to spell all these words!

 On Thursday we were scientists with our soap/dye/and milk experiment!
We had fun chasing the colors around the milk with plain old soap!  We are so glad soap does the same thing with germs, chasing them right off our hands!


 We've been using the smartboard to review skills.
 Thursday's centers included:
Robot reading (then galaxy playdo if they finished)

Stamping outer space vocabulary...

 moon and star addition...

Astronaut beginning sounds...

 And now for the week of November 13-17:
Reading: short a, *see*, word families,  beginning sounds
Math: 6-10
Theme:  Turkeys
Social studies: People at Work
Science: Our World
Conferences this week!
Wednesday,  Nov 22... 1:00 dismissal for students
November 23-26... Thanksgiving break.


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