Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Week 18 letter Nn, star words 'with' & 'my, Snow!

Right on time for our SNOW unit, the weather cooperated and brought us our first SNOW day of the year!
That doesn't stop our pup from needing his daily 2-3 mile hikes, though....dress for the weather, right?

On Monday we learned that snow was actually made of many many 3d 6 sided crystals.
So we mixed up some of our own crystals to eat in 2-3 weeks!  Rock candy!

It's beautiful in the sun!
Monday we also wrapped up mitten days with this fun fine motor activity...we wrote with our mittens on!

What fun!

Then we took a picture of everyone wearing their mittens for a counting by 2s lucky duck book coming home soon!

The snowpeople family projects are still rolling in!

Monday afternoon we spend some reward time outside playing in the beautiful warmish weather!

We've a couple of science areas open...snowflake soup and fake snow!

more family projects...

Tuesday's centers included:
Creating like a scientist fake snow!

Tricky consonants bdpgq sorting:

Real or Silly sled words...

Animals Have Body Parts:

We painted mittens and SNOW for a writing activity about adjectives...scroll down for more!

Wednesday's new morning challenges included:
missing number clip its...

Snowman beginning sound...

Snowman star words...

This nifty kiddo brought us Nilla Wafers for Nn treat!
Thank you!
We've been having fun with the geoboards as we discover symmetry.
 These bonus snowpeople make me smile!
 These are last name snowpeople for the hallway!

 The family projects are so cute!
If your family needs more time, try to get them in by Wednesday of this coming week.

 We've been working on adjectives to describe our mittens!

In Math we are learning about Symmetry and Asymmetry:

Where is the sound is a common page we've been working on lately.  The k kids should be able to hear where a sound is in a word...
 Good reads!
 Here's some star words to practice...

And now for the week of January 15-19:
Reading: Letter Ff, ~ag family
Star Words: you and what
Math: 3D shapes
Science: Animals change and grow
Social Studies: Our World
We will need 3-4 parent volunteers for our 100 day celebration on Thursday, February 8 from 11-12. 
Be looking for a sign up soon!
NO SCHOOL on Friday, January 26 for students


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