Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Week 3 Pete the Cat; Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh; shapes and color review

Hope this warm fall weather is  finding you and your family well. We've been busy with a bounty of harvest again this year.  Hot HOT pepper jelly and salsa were on the to do list last weekend.  Love this time of year!
Here's a sneak peek video of this week's fun and learning...scroll down for the actual experiment:


Our morning routine now includes 
The k kids work together with their team to solve puzzles and games and interesting challenges. We switch the challenge every day and add new ones every third day.
The green team worked on matching upper and lower case letters...
 The yellow team put bear cards in order and then added the correct amount of bears...
 The red team sorted shapes...
 Monday was Ee day...we played ELEPHANT nose!
Only one person will end up with the tape on their nose and looks kind of like an elephant before the end!
 The winner!

We celebrated this 6 year old on Monday!

Since it was Ee day we had our first EXPERIMENT!
It is called elephant toothpaste!
I led this one as it involved hydrogen peroxide, yeast, soap and a lot of foaming!
By hubby donated 18 pairs of safety glasses and of course we had to wear them!
We made predictions about what would happen
like real scientists do.
Sadly it did not EXPLODE as several students thought!
 This is how it turned out...
 It was an exothermic got very hot!
When it cooled a bit, the kids loved to touch the warm foam.

 We had to do the experiment twice just to make sure....

Here's our Ee project...enormous eggs!

Tuesday was Ff day so this little sweetie brought fruit snack to share!

We had our first labeling project.  
Let's label PETE!
First we did it together on a big chart, then we did it alone.

Here's our Ff fish project for our abc book... 

 Oh!  Tuesday's centers were amazing!
One station was to make a FFFFFfizzy Experiment
(yep, the old stand by of vinegar and baking soda)

What good scientists taking this step by step... 

 Yep...that's pretty amazing!

We did have to record our data because that's what scientists do!

Another station was counting with Pete the Cat...

and beginning sound Pp or Cc? with Pete the Cat...

and our last station...writing color words!

 Wednesday was Gg day. 
The chart looked GGGGood enough to eat!
 Yep, I had to do it...GLITTER G for our abc book!
 The kids also got Glow Sticks for rest time...the kiddos tried to make a G shape.

 Oh, ya!  
Gg day is also GOOFY GLASSES looking for a lucky duck book coming home soon!

We moved the baking soda/vinegar to the science table so the kids could explore on their own.
They LOVED it!

Thursday's new morning challenge were:
numeral puzzles....

 shape puzzles...
 upper case -lower case matching...

On Thursday with happy girl brought us 
"Happy" birthday cupcakes for the letter was her sissy's birthday!  How clever!

The experiments continue...

On Wednesday we created these big Pete the Cats.
On Thursday we painted and wrote about our color word!
Scroll down to see them all in the hallway!

Thursday's centers included:
Pokey Pin Shapes
(the kids poke the paper on top of a foam base to create the shape!)

 ....then we can see the light right through our paper!

Mrs. Pulley helped with shape magic as we made rectangles into squares...

and squares into triangles!

Ms. G helped with sorting shapes...

 and Mrs. Benke helped with shape spinning and tracing race!

 On of my daughters, Sorcha, created this cute poster for us!
Thanks, Sorch!

Friday morning we had a "Happy and You Know It" Project!

We created a shape picture out of shape stickers.
What good imaginations!

We have 25 penpals across USA that are working on sending us their letter of the alphabet.
We sent out our Ss Smores!
We've received 2 more...the letter Mm and Vv!

As promised, here's our Pete the Cat display!

The kids beat me at the ABC game so the reward they chose was MIDNIGHT BROWNIES!
(that's the time I finally get a chance to make them!)
They frosted them and dipped them in sprinkles if they wished....mMMMMM!

 Here's our newest 6 year old!

 Take a look at a teaser for next week at the discovery table...

Friday was our final day for the baking soda/vinegar experiments.  Today we poured all the baking soda on the tray and carefully dripped colored vinegar on to create an amazingly beautiful area!
 The leader gets a chance to be the teacher!
 Our shape finale today was to create and EAT shapes made from pretzels and marshmallows!  What yummy learning!

 Good Reads this week....
And now for the week of September 25-29
Reading: letters Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll
Math: Position words
Theme: apples
Social Studies: Leaders at home and school
Science: Our world
We are going to the apple orchard on Thursday!
Be looking for a note of Tuesday about details for kids and volunteers.

This is homecoming week with dress up days daily. Under the tab newsletters you will find the themes for the day.

We will be going to the parade on Friday around 2.  You may join us at school or meet us there if you wish.  Your child will walk back to school afterwards and be dismissed from the classroom.  You may take them right when we get back if you wish.  Just check in with me first and get their backpack.   


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