Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2017 Week 7 Letter Uu and Vv, Pumpkins and Leaves!

Public Service Announcement:
If you ever get the chance to visit the Opera House in Mantorville...DO IT!
My daughter, Sorcha, and I went to dinner theater last weekend.  It was so wonderful! 
 Monday was Uu day so my kiddos at home rustled up 20 Umbrella cupcakes to share with the k kids!
 This leader is reading the Uu is for underpants morning message.  Nothing is quite as funny to a k kids as 
 We also went outside for a bonus play in the leaf day!
Actually I need to take their pics for a lucky duck book we create...shhhhh, don't tell them that I had ulterior motives. 

 The best part? They got to bury ME!

and then we just played in the leaves.... 

 It was JOYOUS I tell you!  JOYOUS!
Plus, the are tree huggers...adorable!

Tuesday morning we had new morning challenges:
pumpkin numeric order...

Pumpkin abc order...

 Fall Sentence matching...

 Here's a few new stations around the room...

 Oh, we made these cutie patoties on Monday afternoon!
Too cute!

We received 3 new letters from our penpals across the country...Ll, Uu, and Ee...

This Very nice guy brought VVVanilla pudding for Vv snack...
We celebrated another 100 club member on Tuesday!

 Our literacy tie in with science was to label the life cycle of a pumpkin....
first together and then independently! 

Centers on Tuesday included
Making pumpkin pie!
The k kids had to follow a basic recipe! 

 We also had fall gems graphing...

 (so pretty!)
 Way to make 5 with pumpkins and counters...

 and upper case and lower case matching...

 Good reads this week...
We did a research project to show all we know about pumpkins:

Wow!  We just keep adding names to our 100s club!
Here's our latest member! 

 On Wednesday we had a popcorn and movie party!
The kids won the abc game again!
This is what they voted for.  
We are learning about democracy!
 We watched Elmo says BOO!  
Sorry in advance for the corny jokes they learned!
(This is one Halloween video I would recommend!)

 We also had 2 birthday celebrations on Wednesday!

And now for the week of October 23-27:
Reading: letters Ww, Xx, Yy, and Zz
Beginning Sounds and Rhyming
Math: Geometry~shapes
Theme: Bats, Spiders, Skeletons
Social Studies: Our Earth's Water
Science: Our World
Our Halloween party is Tuesday October 31.
Kids should BRING their costume to school NOT wear them.
Phy. Ed., Recess, and Lunch are not easy on those lovely costumes.  We will change after lunch.

BOOK ORDERS are due Thursday, October 26
If these are gifts, just let me know and I can get them to you secretly.

No School for students on Friday, November 10
Teacher Workshop


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