Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Week 23 Letter Gg, measurement, Valentines and 100 day!

Look vacation photos!
Just 5 words:
Savannah, Georgia...

 Jekyll Island
(this is what we went orbs 
you find them, you keep them!)

The ocean...
 and my FAMILY!!!!!

I was just gone Friday through Monday, but WOW did we pack a lot in those 4 days!
Back to work Tuesday!
We had new morning challenges:
Valentine sentences...

 Short i words
 Valentine numeric order 70-100...
 Here's a few more family projects:

Tuesday's centers included:
100 (101 actually) day gorp!

Counting by 5s with candy hearts...

How Many Sounds?

Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)

 We are getting ready for our Valentines party!
 Thank you for all the lovely and delicious treats!

The good guy brought glazers for Gg snack!

We put the finishing touches on the valentine we made for you!

And finally we got to sort out our cards and candy and say thank you!

On Thursday we had another kiddo celebrate making the 100s club!
 Thursday's centers included:
Real and Silly words...

 Measuring hearts...

Ending sounds...


and "eating your words"...
we printed short i words then used a Skittle to mark the dot on the i.  After we finished we ATE our dots!

 Friday brought new morning challenges:
Heart sentences...

Heart abc order (backwards)
 and valentines puzzle...

 The kiddos had a brain teaser today,
they worked together to find the hidden pictures.
What great team work!
 We also had a quick 100 day STEM challenge,
How much is 100 drops of water?
First we predicted, then we experimented, then we recorded.
What we found is 100 is sometimes not so much!

 It was the best day ever!
We got the pan balances out for math!
Today's lesson was quite structured and they worked with a team to weigh items on their math paper.
Some teams were fast and got them all, some teams took a little more time.  Not to worry, the pan balances will be available for independent study as well.

 Our final 100 day activity was the book,
The Wolf's Chicken Stew.

We had to find 100 chicks hidden around the room, not for the wolf to eat (as his original plan) but for the wolf to cook 100 cookies for!
 We then brought each one to the 100s chart and matched it up to its number.
What fun!
This little guy found the 100th chick!
This little lady found the very last chick #17:

Good Reads:

 Star words for next week:

And now for the week of February 19-23:
Reading: Letter Rr, middle sound,
short i word families
Star Words: will be into that your who
Math: finish measurement, begin number sense, odd/even and numerals to 100
Social Studies: American Heroes
Theme: America the Beautiful and Dental Health
NO SCHOOL on Friday, Feb. 23
Presidents' Day Observation


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