Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Week 36 Pond Life and REVIEW!

If you need me, this is where you'll find me these days!
What a nice Mother's Day surprise...the couch that is!

In Kindergarten you might think we are wrapping up and packing away...NOT YET!
First we have to get out the POND and the MAGNETS!
(yyyyyyeeeessss, the crowd goes wild!)
 We have tons of chirping frogs!
And if Mother Nature cooperates, we will have real frog eggs and tadpoles to watch thanks to Ms. Flathers!
Keep your fingers crossed...

 And here is the REAL (ish) Pond!
It actually starts to smell and look like a real pond...ha!

 The number writing continues at of Thursday the kids were on 450!

 We cannot have a frog unit without playing LEAP FROG...kindergarten style!

 We also learned the names of some pond animals and counted the sounds in the words...
 On Monday we created these cutie patoties...

 Here's a peek at the MAGNET CENTER on one of the rare times there are no children at it!

 Oh, there they are! 
The smartie in pink is CREATING a magnet just like we learned about!

 On Tuesday we created these tiny little turtles!
What a hit!

The Pizza Parlor is STILL a hoppin'! 
 On Tuesday we created these lovely lotus blossoms!

Tuesday's centers included:
Who lives in a meadow? pond?

Interpreting a graph about pond animals...

A magnet station were we learned that magnets are attracted to metal...but only certain types of metal!

and Froggie hidden words...

Wednesday's morning challenges included:
Turtle Addition...

Sorting FORCES!  Pushes and Pulls!

Turtle and Frog teams...word families...

Would you just look at that lovely structure?!?

We had another birthday celebration!

On Wednesday we created these awesome frog puppets with real action tongues! 

Thursday's centers included:

Froggie Addition with JEWELS!

Froggy Subtraction

Reading color words, number words, and names with a magnetic activity!

 and Turtle listening for the T sound!

Good Reads:

We had a school wide send off for our Special Olympics Athletes today!
What fun! 

And now for the week of May 21-25:
There's just a couple of poetry journals and a few misc. items.  
Thank you for all your support as setting good study habits at an early age is crucial to your child's upcoming years! 

Please continue to send 2 folders daily, including the homework folder as we will still be adding things.

Reading: Review All Star Words and Letter Sounds
Math: Graphing
Theme: Animals
Science: What makes heat?
What makes sound?
What makes shadows?
Social Studies: Our World
Free Breakfast for
 Parents and kids
Tues. May 22  7-8am
Oxbow Zoo  Thurs. May 24
1:OO dismissal Friday, May 25
End of the Year festivities Fri. June 1



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