Thursday, November 27, 2014

Week 13: Letter Tt, sound /t/, Thanksgiving, turkeys, and Stone Soup

First of all, ATLANTA pics!
You can skip down a bit if you are here just for our k update...our short week is posted below.

75 degrees and sunny on my last day, what a difference getting off the plane in Minneapolis!

Any Walking Dead fans?
Sorcha and I were at the EXACT filming location of this iconic shot!

My son, Graham, and daughter-in-law, Melissa, took us to a glass blowing class!
WOW!  What a wonderful, generous surprise!

It was like magic turning 2000 degree molten glass into a functional drinking glass!  Kind of scary as well! But I DID it!

my glass is a bit bumpy and irregular but just like a kindergarten  kid, I am so proud of it!

We also spent some time at the 
Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the
Atlanta Botanical Gardens! 

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Atlanta!
Since my son moved down, I have been there 3 times and look forward to my next trip with my youngest son
(I take turns taking each kid still at home)
We spent some behind the scenes time at the Botanical Gardens...feeding the frogs and walking the tortoise!

Melissa used to work here and still has a few connections!

We found 2 letterboxes!
One here and one here:

Yep, we walked over 10 miles in one day of site seeing!
We did so much!
2 farmers' markets, comedy improv, super spicy pizza (yep, spicy even for me!), a famous book store where the author of Pete the Cat began, botanical gardens, Holiday Lights, Piedmont Park walk, glass blowing, letterboxing, real southern BBQ...
8 days of stuff in 3 days! 

Mrs. Olsen took great care of the kids on Monday!
Here is the last day of these morning challenges:
pumpkin numeric order...

Pumpkin abc order...

Pumpkin missing number...

On Tuesday we made STONE SOUP with all of the Kindergarten classes!
Our part of the soup was potato, sweet potato, and carrot soup...MMMMMM!


5 hours later...ready for us to share!

Mrs. Olson helped us create these lovely ears of corn...

I brought back the special glasses from the light show in Atlanta and  few books for us to share!

Tuesday afternoon we met Mrs. Kalmes' turkeys, Mrs. Pilger's Pilgrims for our Stone Soup feast!
We came as the helpful Wamponoags!

The soup was so delicious as Mrs. Kalmes' kids added beef broth and onions, and Mrs. Pilger's kids added corn and beans...mmmmm!

Here is a quick food group project...

On Wedneday we began new morning challenges:
Turkey counting by 10s...

Turkey sentence building...

Turkey ABC order...

This sweetie brought our Tt Treat for the week~Tiny Triangles!  Tasty!

Here is our leader on this fast, fun short day!

Now for the week of December 1~5
Reading: Letter Bb, sound /b/, beginning sound, short a word families
Math: Ways to make 10 and ordering numbers on a number line
Theme: Polar Lands and Animals
Social Studies: Savings
Science: What are Earth's Materials?

BIG NEWS: here are some of the homework items needed:
Gingerbread Family Project
Pics of your home and family
Your 2 journal pages about Kindergarten
"I Helped" a short response by your k kid on helping you out during our break
Food Drive items
Please send in the bottom 1/3 of plastic milk or water or juice containers through the month of December. Please refer to the note about washing and cutting.


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