Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 11, Ss, sound for /s/, ways to make 5, plus Stars and Outerspace!

What a fast, enjoyable week!
We are continuing with our Outer Space Unit with new morning challenges on Monday:
ABC order BIG Spaceships...

Building Space Words...

Star numeric order...


Scroll down for a pic of them in the hallway!

Mrs. Sauers joined us Monday afternoon and helped kids journal about their SILLY SANDWICHES...

Mrs. Flathers stopped in to play playdo!

On Tuesday our centers included:
Ms.Michelle's star and moon addition...

Mrs.Benke's Beginning Sounds...

Mrs. Gnadt's Alphabet Dice Game...

And Ms. Joni's Robot 10 Frames...

Wow~ that's a lot of helpers!
I was lucky that day as Ms.Michelle needed more observation time from WSU, Mrs. Benke came early, Mrs. Gnadt's student was working with us, and Ms. Joni just got assigned to help at centers!
We will NORMALLY have 2 other adults...but what fun that day!
I just walked around, visiting with each team, supervising!

We played in shaving cream on Tuesday to get the table all nice and shiny for conferences!

On Wednesday we played an outer space vocabulary matching game!

Mrs. Flathers arrives at 2:30 everyday to play with the kids and help a few finish work and get ready to go home.

The Turkey Family Projects are adorable!
If you haven't sent yours, it is not too late!

Thursday was new morning challenges again:
AT family and AN family word sort...

Rocket ship abc order...

Rocket ship numeric order...

Thursday was our 50th day of school!
We celebrated with these lovely 50 dot paintings.
We discovered there was 5 sets of 10!

Thursday's centers also celebrated NUMBERS on our 50th day!
This team painted with QTips...

At this station we played I SPY...

Ms. Joni helped with the Super Sized Spiralgraph in honor of Ss week!

And even though you cannot see this well, it was super fun and called LOTTY DOTTY!
 We used fat crayons to discover the hidden number written in transparent glue!

Earlier this week Ms. Sierra, our field experience student from WSU, helped the kids put together another data glyph.
This one is about our homes...


 And here are the rocket ships with our first independent last name practice!

And now for the week of November 17-21
Reading: Letter Rr, sound for /r/, beginning sounds, sequencing 
Math: Writing and Counting 6-8
Ways to make 6-8
Theme: Turkeys plus Home and Family
Science: What Lives in a Pond?
Social Studies: Needs and Wants
BIG NEWS: mark your calendars for November 26 as the kids are done at 1:00
Thanksgiving break is from November 27-30

Here are a few items from conferences that are trickling in:
a digital photo of your house
a digital photo of your family
mom and dad's journal page for their kindergarten memories

Thanks to all who attended to talk about your child's Kindergarten career!

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