Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 12 Letter Rr, sound /r/, Thanksgiving and Food!

Just gotta sing it...
"I'm leaving on a jet plane"
I am heading out to see my son in Atlanta Friday after school but will be back by Tuesday, I promise!
Mrs. Olson will be our sub on Monday.

These 3 cuties are posing with their family project turkeys...

And now our week....
What a fun way to begin our week...ART STATIONS!
One of these projects was TURKEY PINS/PUPPETS!
 Mrs. Benke helped with this thematic project.
Mr. O'Duggan won't miss the fingers off his gloves TOO much!  Ah, the joys of being married to a Kindergarten teacher!

Meanwhile, my Monday art table was ready for painting our turkey down for the completed turkeys in the hallway!

 Mrs. Sauers helped with these adorable Indian Corn Button decorations!

More turkey puppets!

Our newest Morning Challenges included:
Candy Corn sentence building...

 Candy Corn missing numeral...

 AND candy corn letter/sound match!

Miss Sierra helped with TURKEY FEATHERS
a project focusing on ways to make 5...
Page down for those as well in the hallway.

Here is one of the completed projects from my table yesterday...cute!

For Tuesday's Centers, Justin's mom helped us out!
Her table was Family Tallies...

Ms. Joni helped with 
Brother and Sister Beginning Sounds...

The red team was working POKEY PIN Numerals...

And Mrs. Benke helped with 
All In The Family Numbers to 30

Here are a few pics of the gorgeous corn from yesterday!

Our new discovery table is all about NOODLES!

2 friends working together!

We will only have letter of the week snack on WEDNESDAYS is the letter Rr~Ritz and Raisins!

We played a letter sound matching game at Morning!


 Our new almost complete food station...there are 8 different activities the kids can choose from!

Here are the hallway pics I promised!
Our beautiful symmetrical turkeys....

and the Ways to Make 5 Turkeys...

Thursday's centers included a turkey handprint project that we will finish up next week...

 and while this table waited, they played with playdo!

This team focused on hard to tell apart sometimes!

Mrs. Benke helped with little ways to make 5 turkeys...

And Ms. Joni worked on Turkey +1...a new skill!

 Friday morning we played a probability game with the letter Rr...which side will win, capital or lower case?

We have had some birthday celebrations, we just wanted to show you one of the ways we celebrate!
Nope, not a real cake, an ice cream bucket sprayed painted brown with caulk applied with an icing tip!

Great Reads:
And now for our short week of November 24~26
Reading: letter Tt, sound for /t/
Math: Ways to make 10
Theme: Thanksgiving, Stone Soup, and Turkeys
Social Studies: Wants vs. Needs continued
Science: Habitats 
BIG NEWS: Early out on Wednesday!
Please send back the half sheet stating HOW your child will get home on that day. Thanks!
NO SCHOOL THURSDAY and FRIDAY~Thanksgiving Break!

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