Friday, November 7, 2014

Week 10 Letter Mm, Sound for /m/, OUTERSPACE!!!

We began our week with a very large, very fun poster to decorate the High School for Taste of Cardinal Country which was held Thursday!
The 4th graders and High School band and choir performed during a community pot luck!  
 The theme was retro, Throw Back Thursday!

 No School Monday meant we jumped right into the week with centers!

 Pokey Pin with Outer Space vocab....

Astronaut beginning sounds...

 Rocket Rhymes...

Counting backwards...blast off!

 Our leader(the Earth) and caboose(moon) modeled why the moon seems to change...we learned the word orbit!

Oh, Yes!  We have a rocket ship to play in!

 and moon rocks and star dust in our discovery table!

Wednesday brought new morning challenges:
rocket ship abc order...

astronaut number match...

Rocket ship ABC abc match...

We have had some great puzzle solving going on during 
Books/Puzzles/Games time!

Get ready for this news...we learned how to draw stars this week!   

Wednesday we made an art project based on the Russian artist  Kandinsky who used concentric circles in his art.

More puzzles!

Thursday's centers included:
Star picture frames...

 and outspace playdo!
(the kiddos might have come home a bit glittery from this station!)

Robot Reading....
(we really decoded these words!)

More and Less with Moons and Stars...

Robot Number Practice...

 More playdo creations!

 Our beginning sound activity on Friday included an outer space sticker sheet....we made a scene and labeled the objects with beginning sounds! 

Here are some of the OUT OF THIS WORLD books we read this week....

And now for the week of November 10-14
Reading: Letter Ss, Sound for /s/, sequencing, beginning sounds
Math: Wrap up 0-5, begin 6 and 7
(one and two more, one and two less, greater, less)
Theme: Outer Space, begin Families
Social Studies: Community Homes
Science: Where do animals find food?
BIG NEWS: CONFERENCES are Tuesday and Thursday evening!
I am looking forward to sharing your k kids celebrations and looking ahead to upcoming skills!

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