Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Why do Wednesdays go so fast, Mrs. O'Duggan?"

Answer: "Because we are having so much fun!"

 Patterns and designs (and our names!)

 Ella won 2nd place
In the
Fire Poster Contest!

 2 new polar bear games

 Chillin' in the snow tent
 Winter Wonderland in the Discovery Table

 Painting with kitchen tools!

Canoes from the Native American theme which we finished today!
This is an awesome "limbo" bar built by future engineers!

"Oh, That's why Wednesdays go so fast!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Mama, Do You Love Me?"

Monday and Tuesday our theme was Arctic People!
We read these books:
Who Lives in the Arctic? Art and Craft Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest Mama, Do You Love Me?
Mama, Do You Love Me is one of my all time favorites!
We learned a few Inuit words:
Mukluk, umiak, and ookiook
(Boots, small boat, and Winter)
We also created these cute Inuits:

We've also been reviewing numerals through 20
and the letter Tt, and star word 'like'

Here's some pics of hard working K Kids:

And one funny family story:
Fionn is on safety patrol this week.
He asked after school if he should be stopping every car
or just stop cars when kids are in the crosswalk.
I replied "Probably just when kids are in the crosswalk"
He said "Ooooh, yeah, that way makes way more sense!"
Soooo he was stopping all cars!
Sorry if you were one of them tonight after school!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here come the Holidays!

What a lovely Thanksgiving break!

2 Turkeys
1 Ham
8 sides
4 pies
2 dozen buns
19 overly full people!
We have soooo much to be thankful for!

Spent a little time shopping...
I am not a fan of black Friday
but I cannot resist Russell Stoffer's 
Factory Outlet!

Haven't turned on the furnace yet...
just using the corn burner
trying to get to December without
using it...apparently Fionn thinks it is a bit chilly!

Did a little farm work by loading 
and unloading 
30 bales of hay and straw 
for our critters
Yes, I am wearing heels...
"Green Acres is the place for me...."

Finally this week in Kindergarten:
November 28-December 2
Reading Language Arts: Letter Tt, sound for /t/, star word 'like'
Math: numerals to 20, one to one correspondence, printing numerals
Theme: wrapping up Fall with Thanksgiving leftovers
and beginning the Arctic lands and people.
Keep sending in the milk jugs for our igloo!


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