Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cardinal Country, Chicken Coops, Chula VIsta, and Christmas Shopping

Family Update:
Taste of Cardinal Country was WONDERFUL!
Home is Where the Heart Is was this year's theme.
Bountiful, delicious food, fine musical performances, and
delightful artwork filled our evening!
All donations will go to a lucky senior who will be
pursuing a degree in the arts!

This is the K+ mural!!!!

 My Sweetheart turned 46 this weekend!

FINALLY got moving on that chicken coop again!
I guess the wood has "aged" the appropriate number of months
or perhaps the right number of heated discussions have taken place!
John should have it finished by mid week!

Four kitties still need is your chance!

John took a little break when we took him out
for his birthday...nice to have his dad join us.

Sorcha and I spent Sunday getting a start on Christmas shopping.
Have you tried the new app for Smartphones called SHOPKICK?
We had fun with it and almost (without hardly trying) have
earned enough points for a $25 gift card.  Cool!

Now for this week in Kindergarten...
Week of November 14-18
Theme: Turkeys
Reading Language Arts: Letter Mm, sound for /m/, star word 'see'
beginning sounds
Math: Patterns, numerals to 20, counting 1-1 to twenty
Looking forward to seeing you!

With colder weather upon us, please make sure your child's name is on ALL outerwear...if lost we can get it back to you!

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