Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cleaning for company on conference night or "Are you going to talk to my mom about wonderful me?"

Just so you don't think the k kiddos are THAT self-centered,
I do tell them their parents are coming to visit our room
and I will talk with their mom/dad  all about "wonderful you"
It is just so cute to hear them say it about themselves!

Shaving cream fun!

writing with Mrs. G

TEAMWORK!!!!!   Washing the shaving cream off our friends!

Books we've read this week:
Monday's Miserable Monday: Letter M T Is for Turkey Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks (Reading Railroad Books Series)

Also, the k kids won the ABC Game race to 15 points!
I only had 2 points!
Thursday we are having a 30 min movie and POPCORN!!!!!


Mrs. Gnadt helped us with our turkey necklaces...cute!

We copper etched our last names!

busy day!
Next Wednesday is 1:00 dismissal...teacher meeting time

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