Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 24 Letter Kk, star word 'here', Dental Health!

Family Fun Update...
yep, another candle light hike~the grand finale of the season!  
It was at Gooseberry Falls and it really is the most beautiful display of all!
Maeve was able to join us, yay!
Saturday it was warmish on the North Shore,
Sunday was not so much!
(notice the difference in our headwear!)
We really enjoy this winter activity,
the are free and fun and there were some local ones.  Maybe you could check it out next winter?

 Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program...
On Monday we wrapped up
America the Beautiful!

 We painted flags using our hands as the brush!

We also painted 
American flags!
We took a lot of time to notice how the blue field takes up a full quarter of the flag, how the stripes line up, and how the stars are arranged.
 The kiddos did a very nice job!

Here is our USA table...lots of fun items here to explore!

We ended with designing our own flag to represent our family and ourselves!

Tuesday we began our dental health unit!
 We learned we have 20 teeth 
(more or less!)

Tuesday's centers were:
Toothy ending sounds...

Happy vs Sad Teeth...


and Pan Balances!

We had new morning challenges:
short i words...

Counting by 2's...

and abc order tooth style!

This sweetie brought us some K snacks!
Rice KKKKRISPIE treats!

We've been playing a fun game as a whole group.

Here's our graph about missing teeth.
We have a young class this year and this shows it in tooth loss! Hang in there, Kiddos!
Your day is coming!

Wednesday the kids had to show me how to brush and floss using our models!
yes, that is playdo and string!

we then painted on fluoride!

  I mention we used toothbrushes to paint!
What fun!

Choice time and Thursday...
what a bunch of smarties! 

(this is mystery number)

(this is the dental health game)

Thursday's Centers included:
The Weight of Things...

 Which is more...tooth style!

Roll-a-Word Family...

Tooth Fairy +2

Good Reads...

And now for the Week of February 29-March 4
Reading: Letter Qq, star word 'of', fiction
Math: Addition
Science: How does the sun seem to move?
Theme: Dr. Seuss!
Big News:
PLEASE SEND IN DR.SEUSS books for a fun activity...make sure your name is in each.
Look for the author's name of Dr. Seuss, 
Theo LeSieg, or Theodore Giesel...
all the real Dr. Seuss!
We will return them on Friday.

Here's next week's dress up days for 
Monday: Hat Day
Tuesday: Zoo Day
(bring a stuffed animal)
Wednesday: Cat vs. Dog Day
(shirts with dogs/cats
or simple costumes)
Thursday: Animal Day
(animal t-shirts or animal print)
Friday: Red and White Day


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