Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 21 Letter Ff, sound /f/, star word 'and', GROUND HOGS!

Yay!  We got to go visit our daughter Maeve in Moorhead this past weekend!
We went to a festival called
 "North of Normal Frostival", 
snowshoed 3 miles by candlelight, 
collected another Explore Minnesota check point,
 found a letterbox,
 and went to Kung Fu Panda 3 
(she is an animation major, that's our excuse...but it really was an excellent movie!)

 What fun!

 So we began our week with a study on Ground Hogs!

Only too bad for us as we actually didn't have school on Ground Hogs day due to the snowstorm.  Punxatawny Phil said there'd be an early Spring...we'll have to see! 

We also began decorating for Valentines Day.
Our celebration will be on Friday, February 12.
You may send valentines and/or treats anytime.

We are adding more and more words to our charts.  What great readers we have already!

This guy brought our Wednesday snack for letter Ff...FISH!
(sorry, I forgot to take a picture with  him and the fish!)

Love Love Love the family projects!

On Wednesday we made ground hogs to go into the habitat we created on Monday. We learned about the flood bump and the numerous rooms ground hogs build, including a bathroom, nursery, and pantry!

Thursday brought new morning challenges:
Valentine numeric order...31-50

Valentine abc order (backwards!)

and Valentine sentences...
(sorry the group photo was very blurry) 

We matched shadows...

Here are two more family projects...just a couple out yet!

Thursday's centers included:
Counting by 5's Ground Hogs Read the Room...


Ground Hogs Ending Sounds...

Ground Hogs Probability...
(dice roll race to the top game)

Mr. W helped us with sh/ch/th sounds...

Yay!  Our 2nd birthday celebration happened on Friday!
We also learned how to draw footballs for our 

Good Reads...

And now for the week of February 8-12:
Reading: Letter Pp, sound /p/, short i, 
Math: Measurement
Theme: Valentines and 100 Day
Science: Summer Weather (remember it?)
Social Studies: Our Country's People
2 things...
We will have our 100 Day Workshop on Thursday, February 11 
(even though it is our 98th day)
It is still not too late to volunteer, just text, call, email me and I will set you up with a station!

Also, Friday, February 12 will be our Valentine celebration in the afternoon.
If you are celebrating, your child may bring in valentines and/or treats anytime before Friday.


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