Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 22: letter Pp, sound /p/, short i, Measurement, and Valentines PLUS 100 Day Celebration!

Here is a sneak peek of our week!
Keep reading to see more...

First I just have to have a little mommy brag time...
here is my baby~
Fionn is the Cardinal Of The Month at the High School!

 So proud of him!  He is standing with  Elijah, the 7th grade Cardinal of the Month after their award ceremony.  
Great job, boys!

On Monday we learned how to draw hearts for a
measurement activity.

We painted them in....

Cut them out and measured them!

We also made and decorated our Valentines bags for Friday.
During this activity we learned how to CUT out hearts!

The morning message had us counting on from 10...a very nice skill to have!

Tuesday morning we had new Morning Challenges:
Valentine Critters Counting by 5...

~in and ~it family sort...

Numeric Order from 50-70...

Here we are solving a heart puzzle.
Once again we had to count on from 10 to solve it!

We have been measuring for is a sample of some of the items the kids found that were shorter, longer, and equal to a 10 cube train...

and some measuring for fun!

Tuesday's Centers included:
Playdo Brain Break
(shhh...don't tell, they were actually practicing b d p q and g recognition while playing!)

They also just got to have fun and make things!

This station was counting by 5s...

This is ordinal number practice...
(1st, 2nd, 3rd...)

and finally ending sounds with cutie patootie heart boxes with Mrs. Sauers...

We took a moment to learn about our hearts pumping blood to our body.
We made primitive heart monitors with toothpicks and marshmallows!
Wow...some kids really had a heart beat pumping!

Wednesday morning we put our measuring skills to work by measuring in our math packets...

Wednesday afternoon we began preparing the HUGE 100 for the Kindergarten class to walk through on Thursday...What great team work!

Here it is all finished!

We created these for you!

We began a 100 Day picture frame which we will complete on Monday.

Here are a few lovely action shots of the kids at BOOKS PUZZLES and GAMES time...

We also made you these 
"I Love You to Pieces" card! 

Finally the afternoon arrived and we began our 100 Day Celebration
(I know, I know, it's only the 98th day but we pick the day before we get snow days!)
 Here we go through the fantastic 100 banner!

 First thing we did was sing
'Happy 100 Day to You"
Then we blew out the candles!

We had 11 Stations set up for the kids to stop by and do something for the number 100.

This was 100 tally marks...

100 Chains (each kid made 10)

100 Squares...

100 Exercises...
(sorry about the picture quality)

100 Stamps...

 100 Dots on the Dalmation...

 100 fingers...Give me 5!

100 Zeros...a Googal!

100 Steps around the school...

 Enjoying our 100 day snack!

 And all too soon it was over!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!
We really could not have done this without YOU!

 Good Reads!

And now for the week of February 15-18:
Reading: Letter Ll, sound /l/, short I
Math: Measurement
Theme: 100 Day and America the Beautiful
Science: Fall Weather
Social Studies: Heroes Long Ago
Big News:
Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday evening.
I am excited to talk with you about your expert K Kid!
Also NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 19!

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