Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 23 Letter Ll, 100th day, America the Beautiful!

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I am 
In no manner of speaking could I be mistaken for one.
However, I just had to share that my hubby and I completed 10K Book Across the Bay last weekend!
It was 6.2 miles across frozen Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn, kind of like Fools' 5 where there are serious contenders
(skiers, runners, snowshoers)
and there were LOTS of people like us, just walking across for this fun, freezing, fund raiser!
So long story short, I DID IT!!!!

This week in Kindergarten we began with our OFFICIAL 100th Day of K!
We ate 100 day gorp...
(thanks for sending in 100 items!)
We read The Wolf's Chicken Stew
and and to find 100 grateful chicks around the classroom....

It was good review to place each chick in the correct pocket!
This guy found our very last chick!

There were lots of 100 day activities all day long!

We got out the pan balances and oh, my, goodness, do these kids LOVE to weigh items!

In the afternoon we made a picture with 100 dots!  Be sure to scroll down for the completed projects in the hallway!

Here's the kids' 100 day photos from last week:

 Our 100 Day Morning Challenges were:
100 Day picture of our friends and name match!

 100 day sentences...

 Counting to 100 on a 100 graph...

Tuesday's centers were:
100 Drops of Water
(waaaaaaayyy less than we predicted!)

100 Dots on a 100!

practicing what 2 numbers come next with fireworks!

100 Days of Friendship name printing...

One of our bonuses was 100 squares to color in a diagonal pattern...

Wednesday we began new morning challenges:
Counting by 2's to 30

Matching States and Names....

Writing patriotic words...

We celebrated another birthday on Wednesday!
Plus this lovely lady brought Ll licorice for our Wednesday letter snack!

We have been journaling some pretty amazing things lately. 
This one used our imaginations and well as our sounding out skills!

This journal was from the homework.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your responses!

Here is a journal about our likes/dislikes...

And this final one made us think of our future....

Wednesday we began a unit on American Symbols.  The eagle, the flag, and Lady Liberty were pretty fun to learn about!

Here is what our whole group math looks like these days...we lay on the floor and predict and weight objects.  We are getting very good!

Here's those 100 Dot pictures I promised...

Just beautiful!

Thursday's centers included:
Measuring Abe Lincoln's hat...

Lady Liberty color word read the room!

American Symbols Ten Frames...

Numeric order (or not) with Eagles!

We worked on these beauties for 2 days!
LADY LIBERTY guided drawing lesson is one of my favorites!

Good Reads:

And now for the week of February 22-26:
Reading: Letter Kk, sound /k/, star word 'here'
Math: Addition
Theme: Dental Health
Science: What can we see in the sky?
Social Studies: Our Leaders
Big News:
Fitness Fever wraps up soon. Please continue to mark your child's fitness fever packet until Mrs. Stokke needs them.  Please contact her with questions.

Friday afternoon is our Fools' 5 Kick Off!

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