Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 20 Letter Gg, star word 'go', short i, Chinese New Year!

Ni Hao!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!
(Hello and Happy Lunar New Year 
in Chinese)

We began on Tuesday with new morning challenges:
Panda ABC order...

 Chinese Zodiac Animals Sentences...

Panda Numeric Order from 36-50!

So as you can see our Chinese New Year stations are open!
These kiddos are having lots of fun exploring the artifacts from China...from fans to paintings to pandas!

 We even have a chopstick and noodle table!

Tuesday's centers included:
Missing Letter Lanterns...

Lucky Envelopes Counting by 10s...

Making our section of the dragon for the dragon parade on Friday!

Star Word sort with Mr. Wareham, our new field experience student from Winona State!
Welcome, Mr. W!

This guy brought Wednesday's snack...
we looked for Goats and Giraffes in these 
GOOD AND GREAT crackers!
(this is how the kids worded the Thank you to him using the letter Gg to describe!)

What fun!  We learned a new art term...
The kids made their lucky dragons SPROING-y!

Wednesday we painted cherry blossoms 
on our fans!  Beautiful work!


We made Chinese Noodles in class on Thursday morning!

 Yep, it took two of us!

Then the kids tried out their new CHOPSTICKS!


Thursday's Centers included:
Writing the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac with Mr. W...

Panda Numbers with Ms. Amy....

 Comparing/Contrasting the American and Chinese Culture with Mrs. Sauers...

And READ THE ROOM with me!
We looked for the zodiac animals and counted by adding on from 10...

At choice time we are making tea and pears!

Here's our display dragon...
scroll down for the PARADE dragon!
 More decorations...

 Friday's Morning Challenges were:
Counting by 5 with Lucky Lisies (Envelopes)

More Animals of the Zodiac sentences...

and Zodiac Animals mini puzzles...

Good Reads!
Good Reads!
 During our Switch-a-roo we made these lovely Chinese calligraphy pages with Mrs. Pilger

and these cutie patotie Pandas with Mrs. Kalmes!
Finally it was time for our DRAGON PARADE!

This year we added DRUMMERS as we wished everyone at the Elementary School
a Happy New Year!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

And now for the week of February 1-5:
Reading: Letter /f/, star word 'and', short i
Math: Measurement
Science: Describing Spring Weather
Social Studies: American Symbols
Theme: Ground Hogs and Valentines
We could use more volunteers for our 100 day celebration on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 1-3.
Please contact me if you or any family members are interested!
 (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles...)
FITNESS FEVER begins in February.
If you've any questions about the activities, 
please contact Mrs. Stokke.

Conference sheets were sent home, please return them asap so we can assign you a spot!


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