Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 17 Letter Hh, sound /h/, star word 'a', MITTENS!

 Happy 2016!
Hope your holidays were filled with memories!
Here's a couple of ours...

Four of my 6 kiddos were home!
It doesn't get much better than matching pjs and a hot cocoa bar!

 Yep, got a new haircut for the new year!
 Happy New Year!
 Our Science Museum holiday break tradition continues...We participated in an awesome Sherlock Mystery!

 Then we walked around the city to this iconic diner in St. Paul! 

It's not a break unless we are hiking!
Only 6.5 miles this time! 

So that brings us back to the new year at school!
We began with new morning challenges:
Happy New Year spelling...
Snowflake numeric order... 

 Snowflake ABC-abc match and ordering...

 We began our new year with NEW MARKERS and NEW FOLDERS!  Both were much needed!

We also had our first birthday celebration!
 Look!  It was a mystery we see it!  2016!

The leader loves the chart!

We have another 100 Club member!

 Monday had lots of 2016 projects!

The ball is dropping!

On Tuesday we began MITTEN days!
Here we are all posing for a lucky duck book about counting by 2s...

I am  not sure if I ever posted a picture of these adorable snow globes...they are now in the hallway for everyone to enjoy! 

Some smartie painted this at free choice!
Well done!

Tuesday's centers included:
Mitten Addition...

Mitten beginning and ending sound...

 Mitten Friends...

And mitten comparing numbers...

We brought out the magic spelling sand...

Mrs. Sauers began a word building project...

On Wednesday we made a graph with our was close!

Then, oh man, this is funny, the kids had to write with their mittens ON!

We used the smartboard to collect data...

Thursday brought new morning challenges:
Mitten Sentences...

 Icy ABC order...

 Winter Numeric Order...

In Math we are learning about geometry by focusing on shapes!  Hexagon, Rhombus, and Trapezoid are a few new words for us!

On Thursday we acted out the story
How much fun was it to pretend to be an animal squeezing into that giant 'mitten'! 

 We told it twice so everyone could have a turn being an actor!

More Math work at choice time!

This was a hoot!  We sang the
"Mitten Pokey"
a version of the Hokey Pokey but with all our winter wear on!
'you put your left mitten in,
you take your left mitten out..."

Here are our first 2 January Family Projects!

Centers on Thursday were winter themed:
This was counting by 2's in a blizzard!

 The snow IS falling down!

Sledding with Real and Nonsense words...

Snow Many Ways to make 10!

Snowman 'an' and 'at' Families... 

  and SURPRISE!  
We all received a BRAIN BREAK sticker sheet!

Good Reads!
 Love Love Love these painted mittens!

We did a character study using a Venn Diagram.
We compared The Mitten written by Jan Brett to The Mitten Written by Alvin Tresselt.
The kiddos did a great job considering which characters were in BOTH stories!

We had a lot of fun with our reading chart, 
The Mitten!

and  because we are crazy that way, we measured ourselves using MITTENS!



What cozy, warm fun!
One last mitten project to remember our mitten week!

And now for the week of January 11-15
Reading: Letter Vv, short a, star word 'to'
Math: Geometry...looking for symmetry and comparing shapes
Theme: BEACH!!!! We will begin with Whales and Sharks!
Social Studies: Communication then and now
Science: How can we take care of the Earth?
Lexi Burt is the Star Student this week!
Also, we will be looking for volunteers for our 100 day celebration on Thursday, February 11th from 1:00-2:45 if you'd like to help be looking for a sign up sheet soon! 

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