Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 19 Letter Cc, star word 'look', BEACH Week2

Our beach unit continues this week with some scientific work...
 We add glycerin to h2O...
carefully, carefully...just a drop or two.. 

 We made BUBBLES!!!!

 Science fun!

Monday afternoon we took a quick break from the beach to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King's message of peace.
We worked on our 
Land of Many Color page
where people get along and share and are kind to each other no matter their color!

Puzzle fun continues! 
 We played a fishing game...

 In math we wrapped up our geometry unit by finding different ways to make hexagons using other shapes.  Good brain building!

 We actually painted with the bubble solution that we created earlier!

Centers on Tuesday included:
Bubble table...(brain break!)


Fun in the Sun Words...

Ordering Numbers Beach Style... 

 Odd/Even Number Intro...

 Our bubble chart Tuesday was a hit!

Wednesday's new morning challenges included:
Fish Sentence building...

Fish numeric order...

Fish number word mini puzzles...

Wednesday was also SEAHORSE day!

 Mrs. Sauers had a very lovely fish project for us to work on...

 We also did our project for the switch-a-roo day on Friday. 
We learned about how certain clams make pearls!

This cutie brought us COOKIES for our Cc snack!

Then we cut them into EQUAL HALVES for our new math topic...fractions! 

 Nice math let's eat!

 Do you see that amazing cube train?
The kids worked together to see how long it would be if we hooked ALL the cubes together in both bins!
Wow...that's team work!
(especially at clean up when it takes all of us working to unhook the cubes!)

Ms. Kay gave a lovely lesson in library on Thursday on art and creativity! 

Thursday's centers included:
Greater than treasure chests...

Talking parrot words...

Ending Sounds treasure chests...

And 'Does it Sink or Float?' Science Table...

 We recorded our findings like real scientists...

Thursday was also SUNSHINE day!

Here the room is all set for Friday's beach party!
After we handed out Leis and flower clips on Friday, we headed to Mrs. Pilger and Mrs. Kalmes' room for our SWITCH-a-ROO day! 

We made these lovely sun catchers this week as well!

We had fruit kabobs for snack.
Thanks for all the lovely fruit for us to enjoy!
(everything is better served on a stick!)


Dancing to BEACH MUSIC!

We made these with Mrs. P...
Good Reads!

And now for the week of January 26-29
Reading: Letter Gg, star word 'go', ending sounds
Math: Fractions and Ordinal Numbers
Science: Describing Winter Weather
Social Studies: Our Flag and The Bald Eagle symbols of our country
Theme: Chinese New Year
Adrian will be our star student!
No School Monday, January 25
workshop day

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