Friday, May 29, 2015

Week 38 Review, Animal Kingdom, and the ZOO!

Well, we are really wrapping things up!
Tuesday we had centers, our last centers of the year!
We worked with an animal theme:
Big numbers PLUS 1 

Tallying with Giraffes...

Counting by 2's with Zebras... 

and Syllable Counting with Kangaroos!

We were invited to the 2nd grade plays put on by Mr. Papenfuss's class!  

On Wednesday we created these adorable racoons!

Thursday Morning brought our LAST round of Morning Challenges:
Counting by 5's with Dragons...

Number Work
(we sorted by tallies, coin value, and number word!)

And Animal Words...

On Thursday we sent home BOOK BAGS
Keep those brains in gear!

Oh, a surprise is waiting for us....

This is the 1st Grade Math we have been practicing...

All week long we have been learning about the animal kingdom and sorting and classifying animals!

Finally Friday arrived and we went to the ZOO!!!

 Snack time...

We are waiting for the ZOOKEEPER...
and here she is! 

Thanks to all who helped us out!
The rain just helped make this field trip even more memorable!

Picnic Time!

And now for our final week:
Monday: Guidance with ALL OF K!  Project Runway
Tuesday: 1st grade Switch-a-roo Day and Golden Gopher presentation
Wednesday: Picnic at Farmers' Park
we will arrive at 11:30 or so, plan to eat at noon
Spring Concert to follow
Thursday: LAST DAY!!!!  (for students!)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 37 All letter review, star words "are" and "he", BUGS!

What a whirlwind trip to Atlanta~
Here are some of my favorite parts:

 Glassblowing, cheese making, popsickles, pasties, dog parks, farmers' markets, comedy show, and food and food and more food!  Oh, and seeing the ones I LOVE!!!!

I couldn't get 16 Georgia Peaches home in my carry on, 
so I brought the kids Georgia Peach RINGS!
Ya, I know you can get these here, but how fun bringing them from way down south!
 Monday's Morning Challenges:
Counting by 5 Froggies...

Animal Name Match...

Metamorphosis Frog Puzzle... 

 Tuesday's Parent Breakfast was so nice!
It was lovely seeing so many of you here with your little one...sorry if I missed you!


 I got to have breakfast with these cuties!

 We created these cutie pie turtles on Tuesday...

We also brought out the "old fashioned toys":
tops and jacks!

Here are our SYMMETRICAL butterflies!
So beautiful!
We also learned about the parts of an insect:
head, thorax, abdomen, legs, antennae

Tuesday's centers included:
Collecting Bug Data for a Graph...
 sorry it is blurry....

Snail Subtraction...

~ug Family Search...

Interpreting a Graph...

OH! Look what these chefs whipped up for me...
Strawberry Pie
(wish it was real!)

Here we go!  Fingerpainting one last time! 

 We created paper just like Eric Carle so we could cut shaped out of it to make caterpillars!

We opened our very last learning station of the year:
We sure are having fun exploring magnetic fields, south and north poles, and making magnets!

Thursday's new morning challenges include:
Bug Name Puzzles...

Lily Pad Numbers to 100!

and Ducky Sentences...

 Our leader is reading our favorite types of bugs...

Thursday's centers:
Discovering Magnets...
 We learned only metal was attracted to a magnet...
 we also discovered only CERTAIN metals were attracted to a magnet...
 Iron is the key!

~ee family search...

Number words...

Spelling "Bee"...

Maycie's mom came to help!  Thank you!

And what a wonderful day...we got to take home lucky duck books FOREVER!!!!  Yes, we made 134 this year!

And now for the week of May 26-29...
Reading: review all letters and star words
Math: Graphing
Science and Social Studies: review
Theme: Animals
Big News:
Oxbow Park/Zoo trip...Friday, May 29
Family Picnic...Wednesday, June 3
Last Student Day...Thursday, June 4


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