Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Making of a Barn Quilt

After touring Houston County Minnesota on a quest 
to find some of the 59 barn quilts listed in their brochure,
we decided to make one of our own!

The hardest part was deciding on a pattern.
We wanted something to represent our family...
Shamrocks and GLITTER!
(not sure how the sparkles will weather this winter, 
but we are enjoying it really glitters in the sunshine!)

Then we grabbed some graph paper,
came up with a plan,
purchased a quart of outdoor paint in all our colors, 
some plywood, 
primer, plus brushes
and got busy!
First we created a smaller version for the chicken coop!
 Cutie 2x2!  We finished this one in 2 days

Then we began on the large 4x4
Primer first...pencil in design second...
paint third. 
We tried taping for nice straight lines
but the paint bled through (frog tape, even!)
From start to finish, this one took us 5 days.
Yup, no dinner at the table that week!

 My very brave hubby put it up on the barn...

Have fun designing your own!

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