Saturday, August 31, 2013

Science Museum and Renaissance Festival mini vacation: August 2013

Feeling blue, physically weak and tired, 
and overly emotional just after surgery to remove a cancerous
parotid gland on my neck and the lymph nodes nearby,
I decided the best way to begin feeling better
would be to get tickets for the family to the Mayan Exhibit at
the Minnesota Science Museum
and then the Renaissance Festival 
plus book a hotel room for two nights outside of Shakopee.

Something to look forward to 
plus a time frame to work on feeling
stronger was my plan.

Yay!  So just 11 days after surgery and mandatory hospital stay
we headed up to St. Paul.  
Just to make things a bit crazier this was also the day
we assisted Maeve in getting registered for 
classes at Winona State 16 year old baby!
Off to take on the academic world!
Maybe that was part of my emotional frailty?
Nope, I am always emotional!

What a blast we had!
We were there at the same time the State Fair was happening,
so it was so nice and uncrowded !

Our first stop at the museum was the OMNITHEATER!
They always play a documentary based around the theme.
Well done!

While waiting our turn into the Mayan exhibit hall,
we shopped at the gift shop and 
played on the musical stairs!
I LOVE this place!
This is the foyer of the musical stairs!

Inside the exhibit we found so many
hands on activities geared toward all age levels.
The kids were solving  problems in base 20 math system
(the numeric system of the Mayans)
and actually having fun while learning!

Here are a few pics of the some of the activities:
Piecing together shards (harder than it looks!)

 Fionn and Maeve created the pattern in the background...
Nice tessalation!

Fionn is holding the 8 pound ball the Mayans
played with, often with the losers really losing
as they were sacrificed!  YIKES!

The kids created an animation on my pic
of a "royal Mayan woman" 
I sure look fancy!

Sorcha is using a tumpline  to haul a load just like the Mayans did.
Well, almost...her load was 12 pounds, 
theirs was up to 60 pounds!
We learned that the Mayan pyramids were built 
stone by stone carried up by people...
no wheels or beast of burdens for this culture at that time!

Maeve is standing amid the ruins

The girls used a fancy "ViewMaster"
to explore images of the real ruins.
If you get a chance to go,
It was so well done!

We then headed over to Shakopee for the night
at the Americinn.
Nice rooms and a nice pool plus continental breakfast!

The next day we zipped over to the fest grounds
just 10 minutes away!

Maeve's favorite area: GLASS BLOWING

Sorcha's favorite activity: SHOPPING!

And Fionn likes the giant wind chimes!

Elf  EARS!

A sign of a successful day?
Super dirty feet!

We had so much fun!
We did bug out a bit early this year, though.
We did not stay for the dismissal drums but left instead at 4.
The heat and humidity just made the pool seem so
much more appealing!

We ordered in pizza and pasta,
played in the pool for 2.5 hours,
and watched movies until we all zonked out,
about midnight!

What a great mini get-a-way!
What a great way to feel better!


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