Friday, August 9, 2013

Rain Forest Animals 2 Enrichment Summer School

 Wow!  What a week we had exploring the Rain Forest and
the animals that live there!
Everyday we looked at a new animal or two,
created projects, read books, and still had
time to play and interact with our friends!

We were so lucky to have 2 great helpers this week:
Kaitlynn and Natalie!
 Here we are reviewing short a and long a 
and choosing our safari visors with Kaitlynn!

and here we are with Natalie making snakes!

We are painting wooden snakes here...

On Tuesday we studied CHAMELEONS!
 This guy helped us review star words.

This guy was just for fun!

And this beauty was for the window!

Don't you love our safari visors?
We did!

The boa constrictor was a favorite dramatic play prop!

Wednesday brought BIG BUGS and BUTTERFLIES
to our project tables!

 We learned the parts of an insect:
Head, Thorax, Abdomen

 We also reviewed symmetry.

We also did a bit of review...
Rhyming words...


Brain Teasers...

These kiddos loved to decorate the hallway!

Thursday was bat and bird day!

Cute little fruit bats...

Word family practice

Cutie pie birds...

The levels of the rain forest...

Playing and sharing...
In the rain forest...
Big bugs in the discovery table...

We wrapped up everything on Friday...

Addison's mom stayed and helped us with our jungle safari!

We made picture frames!

What a great week!
See you around, 1st graders!

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