Saturday, November 5, 2011

"I love it when a story ends in HAPPINESS!"

Well, they did it again!
These kiddos just have a way of making me smile!
After watching our end of the quarter rest video
(a time when we call kids over for end of the quarter assessment)
one of our k kids make that wonderful statement....I love it when a story ends in HAPPINESS, too!

We are wrapping up that assessment...we will talk more at conferences on the 15th and 17th.
Your time will be sent home one day next week.

We also wrapped up a cute unit on owls.
We practiced symmetry and learned the great word Onomatopoeia,
words that mean sounds:
example: meow, chirp, slam
Good-Night, Owl!
In this book, it was all those sounds that kept Owl up ALL DAY!
matching onomatopoeias;

 making owls

Thursday stations with Chris, Noah's mom, and Mr. Carrier:
Owls with me
 dice game with Mr.C
 symmetry with Chris

Then we began our  OUTER SPACE unit!

books we read:
Stars! Stars! Stars! Mooncake Draw Me a Star
After reading Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle
we learned how to draw our own stars!

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  1. I know this is a blog for the parents of your students, but I just had to stop and say "bless you" for putting your heart into teaching. I love stumbling across teacher blogs that are filled with love. Your students are very lucky!



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