Monday, November 7, 2011

Mankato and kitties and arts program procrastination

We actually had a laid back weekend ....highly unusual....
John and I took the van back to Lee in Mankato Friday after school.
Thanks to Roger Rislow for keeping it running!

We went to the Mongolian Grill....mmmmmmmm!!!

Thanks for the "Meat Wall" tip when building my bowl, Lee!
You are a food artist!!!!

John and I closed up the shopping centers in Mankato before heading home.
Gordmann's is a fun, trendy home and fashion store....Love it!!!!

Found Fionn Footie Pajamas...
He looks like a Rocky Horror Picture Show extra....Ha!

Kitty Photo Shoot
(told you it was a quiet weekend)

Each and every one of these cuties are up for adoption!
Just drop me a line!

Due to the volleyball play offs,
The 18th Annual Taste of Cardinal Country was delayed a week.
So, of course, I procrastinated doing my thing for it...
HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS !  is our theme this year.
I spent the better part of Sunday avoiding it...

Finally, here is a prototype for table markers/gift bags for our hosts
 Only 19 more to go!!!!

These two posters are the k and k+ kids' art work!
Twisty Twirly Town 
the drawings of our homes!

I forgot to mention last Friday a new game for the k kids called
"tape nose"
This month's version was renamed "alien nose"
Everyone gets a rolled up bit of tape to put on their nose,
around the circle, we greet each other, then gently touch noses.
The tape only sticks to one as it grows in size!

The winner!!!!!! 

Our first 3 family turkey projects!

and finally,
this week in Kindergarten:
Letter Ss~ its sound, how it is formed for printing
star word 'I'
numerals to 20~printing and counting one-one correspondence 
outer space, scarecrows, and squirrels 

Conference times will come home Tuesday.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!


  1. oh jeez... alien nose, grinch nose, turkey nose.... hope they like playing the tape nose game! :)

  2. They actually beg to play it...almost as much as Grandma!



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