Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun in Kindergarten or "What are you, Mrs. O'Duggan, a mean cat? A fire woman?"

 "What are you, Mrs. O'Duggan, a mean cat? A fire woman?" 
(apparently not all k kids have the word devil in their vocabulary!)

We began our day with morning challenges:
Halloween cards

Then Mr. Riebel, I mean SLIM, stopped in 
and roped up some books (and Ashley!)

Some ghost bustin' came next
(ok...maybe some nice ghost graphing instead)

Halloween sights around our room:

After lunch, these lovely ladies put on one
Spooktacular Halloween Party for us!
 1st was the mummy wrap!

 Here are the 6 finalists...

And the winner is.....

Some of our games:
Pumpkin Ring Toss

 Guess the number of candy corns

 Glitter Masks

Pin the tail on the cat

Oh so much fun!
Thank you, Volunteers and P.L.A.Y. group!

Two little devils?

Here are a few of the trick-or-treaters
who came to my house:

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