Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 2 Brown Bear and Nursery Rhymes

Week 2 Fun!
First of all, a CELEBRATION!
I am a Grandma to this brand new baby boy!
Crusoe James Tilson 
was born last Sunday to my daughter, Shae, 
and her husband Chris in Indianapolis.  
He joins sisters, Wren (3) and Calla (1 and a half)!
I will be visiting them at the end of the week! YAY!!!!

We began our MATH Online program this week!
The lessons consist of watching the interactive video, followed by a practice page which usually involves math manipulatives.  


This week we also began our Nursery Rhyme unit.
First up was JACK AND JILL!
Love those pails with glittery water!

Everyday we had a journal page that we will make into a lucky duck book!
This one is "What do you think Jack has in his pail?"

Tuesday we began CENTERS!
Four tables, four activities, four sets of kids!
This first time we just practiced the procedure of moving from station to station!
Station 1: Playdo 

Station 2: Puzzles

Station 3: finishing our Nursery Rhyme 
Hey Diddle Diddle
(this kiddo was painting the moon with bubbles!)

Station 4: dot painters 

 First thing in the morning the kiddos are now working on 
usually puzzles or activities that are worked on with their table team!
 These were counting mats...airplanes, treasure boxes, and...
 lady bugs!
 We rotate these each morning so all tables get each one by the end of the week.

More Math...
great sorting! 

Humpty Dumpty was our Wednesday Nursery Rhyme.

We learned a fun rhyming game:
Rhyming bridge is falling down...

 and here is our adorable HUMPTYs!

 The kiddos could work wherever they wanted....what fun!

 We gathered data a made a BROWN BEAR graph on the smartboard.

Thursday's centers included:
Color words playdo with Brown Bear characters...

M and M sorting with Brown Bear! MMMM! 

 Brown Bear color words printing practice...

and finally, Brown Bear dice roll graphing 

We also created these adorable Hickory Dickory Dock CLOCKS!

On Friday we painted the a cutie pie lamb for 
Mary...Mary had a little lamb!


We had library for the first time!
We met Ms. Manly and 
 Ms. Kay!

 Our Morning Messages have been so much fun this week!
Love these Little Lambs...

Here are a couple of whole group activities we worked on this week:
We sorted real and imaginary animals...

We read these sentences...
 We read this one as well...

We counted and sorted the number of letters in our names...

Do you remember the super cute bear project from last week?  Well, here they are in the hallway!

Here are some of the books we read this week:

a closer look so you can see authors/illustrators if you are interested in checking these out at your local library or ordering from your favorite book supplier...

And now for our upcoming week:
September 15-19
Reading: Letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd
Math: Sorting and Classifying
Theme: Shapes
Science: How Do Animals Move?
Social Studies: We Learn From Our Friends

Just a couple of friendly reminders:
Tennis Shoes: please remind your child to WEAR their tennis shoes TO school as we do not have time to switch before leaving for music/P.E

Also as the mornings are getting cooler, many kids are bringing jackets, sweaters, coats.
put your family's name or your child's name
in or on any item your child might remove
throughout the day.
This will increase your chance of getting the item back if your child removes it and leaves it in gym, the lunchroom, music, the hallway, the bus.
You should SEE the lost and found table at the end of is OVERFLOWING!!!!
Remember that permanent marker that was on the supply list?  This is why!  Please use it. 

Check out our facebook page at 
Kindergarten at Lewiston-Altura Elementary.
Have fun!

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