Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 Week 27 Letter Oo and St. Paddy's themes

It was a pretty quiet weekend for us for a change!
Maeve and Sorch went shopping for a prom dress for the latter in Rochester.
Yes! Finally Sorcha found one!
We took Maeve as far as Maple Grove where she catches the bus the rest of the way to Moorhead. It's always sad for my hubby and me. We left a few dot rocks behind, that always makes me smile!  Check out instagram #foundrocksMN if you're interested in our social experiment.

Monday, late start snow day, ended with a lovely little popcorn party sponsored by the parent group, 
PLAY, at school. 
We came in 2nd place in the 
milk moola/box tops for education drive!

Here's a few more shamrock family projects. Adorable!
Tuesday brought new morning challenges including:
Shamrock counting by 5s and 10s...

Shamrock spelling words...
Shamrock addition...
Oh, wow, we painted a lot this week!
Here's some kiddos beginning their lucky leprechauns...keep scrolling for more pictures...
Tuesday's centers included:
Shamrock what comes next?...

More precious than gold, friend activity...

Make-a-word...(real or silly?)

Science: what are the Earth's materials?
Ms. Nelson helped us!

Here's a few more family projects...
This smartie brought ooooo oreos for our Wednesday snack...outstanding!
Ms. B helped with the beginning of our leprechaun face for the hallway. Pictures a bit farther down on this blog.
I almost forgot, we created these lucky rainbows with lots of gold on Monday.

Here's our final painting project of the week...
a guided drawing of a pot of gold!
We will also write about what we'd do if we found a pot of gold! You guessed it, photos are posted down a bit...
Yes, more family projects!
Thursday's centers included:
Brain break playdo (But first we had to practice bdpq)
Shamrock addition...

Shamrock counting on...

Read the Room: leprechauns counting by 10s...

Here's a few of our playdo creations...

As promised here's our painting projects...

Ms. B pretaught us quotation marks...
Lovely!  We drew in our quotation marks 
to show what we actually exactly said.
These are the family projects..just missing a few!
These are so cute..our leprechauns!

And my favorite..the guided drawing of the pot of gold. Some of the kids' responses where priceless!

And the winner is....this one! Can you read it?  Beautiful!
Good reads this week...

Here's Friday's new morning challenges:
missing number shamrocks...

 Shamrock Spelling...

 Shamrock numeric order...

 Here's our fun chart for today...
 So St. Patrick's Day was full of leprechaun tricks and treats!

This last one is my favorite!
The kids have to find 100 coins!
As of this printing, they have 3 to go to trade in for a treat.
Keep your fingers crossed!

And now for the week of March 20-24:
Reading: letter Xx and Jj and blending sounds to words
Star words: said good was ate then could
Science: the Earth's water
Math: subtraction
Theme: weather
No School Friday, March 31 Workshop Day 
Early Dismissal 1:00 on Thursday, April 13
Spring Break Friday, April 14

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