Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Week 28 Weather Themes!

Happy official SPRING!
We began an exciting unit on the weather this week.
Monday was cloud day.
We read about clouds, wrote about clouds, and MADE some clouds!
 We discovered that clouds are water vapor that has condensed into droplets.  We had a fun experiment (whole group) that showed how much a cloud could hold before it rains! Scroll down for the kids' individual experiments on Thursday!  
 We had a guest reader on Monday, Ms. Ally!
 Here's some fun with playdo at choice time...
 Monday afternoon we created these cute rainbows to decorate our room with...

 Tuesday and Wednesday was WIND day!
Here we are recording data on how much WIND it takes to move objects...

 Tuesday afternoon we were treated to the 
 It was fascinating learning about red tailed hawks,
giant millipedes, hedgehogs, skunks, and lizards!

Wednesday's morning challenges included:
Counting by 2s... 
 Rainbow sentences...
 and part/whole relationships of numbers...

 We made whirligigs to play with the wind!
We brain stormed about the wind...
Is it good or bad?

 This cutie brought Xtra Toasty Cheese Its for our Xx snack!
 We've begun looking at seasons.  We will continue through next week with this report card skill:
 We journaled with the theme of this book, WINDBLOWN!
The kids used the same shapes of scraps in the book to create their own picture. ADORABLE!

On Thursday we began our rain theme.
We painted a very wet scene and then wrote a poem about the rain.

 Thursday's centers included:
Making it rain science table...

 Read the Room counting by 2s
(raining cats and dogs!)...

 Umbrella Addition...

 Word detectives...
One word was big the other was so tiny we needed magnifiers to find it!
We learned about the water cycle with a fun game and this fun circle:

 Good Reads this week...

And now for the week of March 27-30:
Reading: Letter Ee, short, long, and silent e
Star Words: she, when, all, her, over, some
Math: Subtraction
Science: How does our land change? 
and Taking care of our land.
Theme: Rainbows and Seasons
No School Friday, March 31 Workshop Day 
Early Dismissal 1:00 on Thursday, April 13
Spring Break Friday, April 14

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