Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 5 Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll and LEAVES!

We had another fabulous week in K!
We began with a new round of morning challenges
(it takes 3 days to complete the challenges as there are 3 tables)
 The yellow team is working together to count out apples...

They got an added bonus as they also put them in numeric order! 
 The green team sorted apples by abc order....

And the red team put apples in numeric order...

 We had Iced Animal Crackers on Ii day!

 We finally got to make our own graphs from the apple data we gathered last week....

And here's our Ii Ice Cream Morning Message...

 We also balloon painted apples!

and made delicious adjective apple pies...

Tuesday was our annual Careers on Wheels!
Our class broke into 3 teams, so most of these pics are of my team...
 Police Car

Fire Truck



Lock Service

 Cool vehicles built by High School Students

 The Vet Truck
(we got to feel a real cow heart, lungs, kidneys, and stomach! Yucky and COOL!!!!

 Fish and Wildlife Boat

and the Hearse
 We did miss a few but still had such a great time!
Thank you Ms.Todd for organizing this!
 I did manage to snap one pic of each of the other teams!
They had fun and learned something, too!

Tuesday's centers included:
apple life cycle stickers...

 Beginning sounds...

 Lainey's mom, Carrie, helped us with tens frames!

 Dot Dot Not A Lot glue practice station...

On Wednesday we had
Kocoa Kremes for Kk day snack and Kazoos to play with!

We graphed our favorite apple product...

 We reviewed Right and Left, pleased keep practicing at home, this is a tough skill!

This year's kiddos are really interested in Science!
The Science Table is always busy...nice! 

 Thursday brought a  new round of morning challenges:
 Missing Number...

Numeric Order...

abc order...

We had Lemon and Lime flavored Oreos for Ll snack!

Two family projects are in!
 The kids give their first speech using all 3 parts of a speech! Yes, they can do it!
They say "Hi, my name is _____ and I want to tell you about my family project.  
Then they tell us how and who made it.
Then they say "now you know about my family project!"

Centers on Thursday were the following:
Leaf Tissue Paper Project

 Friends at Schools

Apple Beginning Sounds

 Apple Number Recognition

On Friday we practiced LINES...

 Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll from our ABC BOOK!

And here are some books we read this week:

Week of October 6-10
Reading: Letters Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp and Beginning Sounds
Math: Patterning
Theme: Autumn, Pete the Cat, and Fire Safety
Science: What Parts Do Plants Have?
Social Studies: Rules for Home and School
BIG NEWS:  LATE START on Friday at 10:05!
Fire Station field trip Friday at 1:00

Please call/text/write/stop in anytime!

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