Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 7 Qq, Rr, Ss Quick Wrap up and Scarecrows and Squirrels

Here is a quick peek at our short week:
But first...Grandbaby pics!
I was lucky to go TWICE to Indy in about a month...crazy! Sorcha was my travel companion this time!

 Letterboxing fun at the University of Indiana library!

 We also went on a nonspooky educational walk in the nighttime woods to learn about nocturnal animals.  We ended up at a very nice nature center in Holliday Park.

 We also got to help with the Tilson 3rd Annual Halloween Party !

and too soon it was time to come home!

Meanwhile back in our classroom....
Here is another cute family project!

On Qq day we had Quaker Oats Granola treats!
 We received Quiet Critters!
They were so shy that if the room was quiet, they stayed out. If it got loud, they hid.
They really worked!

Seeing as it was Qq day and we had QUITE a lot of unfinished projects that just needed a QUICK bit of attention, we tied up many loose ends:
A firetruck:

The other side of our symmetry owl page:

Our morning chart was a QUILT!

We practiced beginning sounds:

and finished our Pete the Cats!
 This was a color word project!

On Rr day we had Rice Krispy Treats!

Tuesday's centers included:
Scarecrow Roll a Word...

Scarecrow Numbers:

We painted a scarecrow at my table 
(we will assemble them this afternoon)

 And our last station was Fall Patterns...

Our morning message was practicing the letter Rr on a rainbow...

Wednesday began with new morning challenges:
Number word, numeral, and sign language match up...

Button Patterns....

and Color Word building...
we do a lot of that, color word work!

Here are the ABC book pages from this week:
a quilt, a rainbow, and a silly snake!

We had Scrumptious Snickers for snack on Ss day!

Our morning message was a snake!

We created these adorable squirrels...

We also learned a song about Gray Squirrel and journalled about other colorful squirrels!

Oh, we cannot forget about our SCARECROWS!

A good word!  One of our smarties wrote this with jewels!

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day and the kiddos won the ABC game again (15 points for them, 3 for me)
so they choose more outdoor time.
We also took leave pictures!
sooooo sweet!

 These great pics will be part of a lucky duck book coming home soon!

Here are some good reads from this week....

And now for the week October 20-24...
Reading: Letters Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww
Math: Finish patterns and begin 0-5
Theme: Fall themes, heavy on the pumpkins!
Science: How are plants the same and different
Social Studies: Our World's Land

BIG NEWS: If you wish to help with the Halloween party, please fill out the form sent home Wednesday.
 The more the merrier!
BOOK IT forms (reading logs for Pizza Hut prizes) can be turned in anytime they are filled out completely. 

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