Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 27 Letter Zz, short i, star word 'have', SHAMROCKS and LEPRECHAUNS!

Oh, Man!  
What a week for fun and mischief and 
awesome art experiences!

We did loads of work, too!
We finished our transportation unit with some fun graphing!

Here are a couple more family projects!
 We've been trying to get outside for a reward (they beat me at the abc game AGAIN...they got 30 points this time!)
We were all bundled up and then...
the rain came as soon as we stepped outside!
Maybe next week?

Here we are at new morning challenges:
Shamrocking those words...

Shamrocking Addition Sentences...

Shamrock counting by 5's and 10's...

On Monday we created these lovely rainbow inspired pots of gold! 

 We've a few more family projects!

Our new station is about Ireland!

We also created these adorable leprechauns for the hallway!

We also created these cuties!

Tuesday's centers included:
Adding gold coins...

Writing our friends' names with 
"More Precious Than Gold!"

Creating real and silly words with pots of gold!

10 Frames Leprechauns...

On Wednesday we took a page form the S.T.E.M. (science technology engineering and math)
and created an arch with partners using pennies!
It was harder than it looked!

Wow! This looks like fun!
Scroll down to see the finished product!

We worked on QUOTATION MARKS with this great wish poster...
"If I Found A Pot Of Gold!"

Our thematic word work...
 and sentences!

These lovely shamrocks are for you!

 Those leprechauns played many funny, mischievous tricks on us!
They took ALL the green markers in the classroom, they played with the green blocks, 
they sprinkled glitter everywhere, they stacked the green chairs to the ceiling, they messed up our boots AND shoes!
They also hid 100 coins for us to find so we could get a clue to a treat.
We did it! We found them all!
And we received 100 chocolate treats as a reward!

Here are those beautiful guided paintings!

 I am amazed!
They are so beautiful!

We made these leprechauns just for us to catch!

 Thursday's centers included:
Pot of Gold Addition...

Counting by 10s with Leprechauns! 

Measure Leprechauns with Shamrocks...

Making real/silly words with the word

On Friday we wrapped up letter Zz with these zany zebras!

We have the best vehicle makers! 

Good Reads this week...
(lots of folktales)
 We  had another birthday!

And now for the week of March 21-24...
Reading: Letter Dd, star word 'was'
Math: Larger Numbers
Science: How Can We Change Objects?
Social Studies: Community
Theme: Spring!

Big News:
Kenton is our Star Student!

Early release at 1:00 on Thursday, March 24
No School Friday, March 25 through 
Monday, March 28 ~Spring Break

No School Friday, April 1~Teacher Workshop for end of the 3rd Quarter

on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Round-Up

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