Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 26 Letter Ii, short and long sound for i, star word 'for', TRANSPORTATION!

We just ZOOMED through another fantastic week!
(get it? it's our transportation week!)
Here's what happening at the O'Duggan's:
It's MAPLE SYRUP season!

Yep, that's a cloud in my kitchen! 
If you've ever wondered, it's about 1 gallon of sap to one HALF cup of syrup!
That's a lot of water to boil off! 

Here are a few pics from last week's fun on Friday:
We had a play presented by WSU students...

It was excellent!

We also had some winners for fitness fever!

And the slime and ooblek was a messy hit!
Both were science lessons.
Ooblek showed us the different forms of matter, liquid and solid or BOTH!
The slime was a chemical reaction.
Two compounds combining to make a new polymer! (a chain of molecules)

We began our week with new Dr.Seuss morning challenges as we transition from that superb author to transportation!
(two great books send us on our way:
And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street and Oh, The Places You'll Go!)
 Dr. Seuss addition...
 Dr.Seuss alphabetizing words...

Dr. Seuss Sentence Building...

 This week in our school we are celebrating our paraprofessional staff.
We simply could not do our jobs without them!
A special thank you to our 2 paras:
Mrs. Sauers and Mrs. Amy (Benke)

Monday afternoon we created our very own crazy, sci-fi, vehicle!

Our family projects are still rolling in!

Tuesday's centers included: 
Transportation Addition...

 But first we made these at my table...
vehicles out of candy bars and crackers!

 Adorable AND tasty!

Counting by 2s with Thing1 and Thing2!

Thing1 and Thing2 Real vs. Silly Words... 

Dr.Seuss Word Building...

Action shots of us eating our vehicles! 

Here are some choice time activities:
Road Puzzle...
 Sorting Vehicles...
 Safety Signs...

 Wednesday afternoon we catergorized vehicles into LAND AIR SEA...

Thursday's morning challenges:
Vehicle Puzzles...

 Pattern Block Vehicles...

Vehicle Spelling...

 Thursday's Centers:
Sorting LAND AIR WATER vehicles...

 Skittle Short i word work!

Vehicle +1 and -1... 

  Mixed Up Load of Star Words...the kids had to unscramble the words!

Good Reads this week....

And now for the week of March 14-18:
Reading: Letter Zz, star word 'have'
Math: Subtraction
Theme: Shamrocks
Science: "How Can We Sort Objects?"
Big News:
Kaylee is our Star Student!

Early release at 1:00 on Thursday, March 24
No School Friday, March 25 through 
Monday, March 28 ~Spring Break

No School Friday, April 1~Teacher Workshop for end of the 3rd Quarter

on Friday, April 29 due to Kindergarten Round-Up

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