Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 25 Letter Qq, star word 'of', addition, Dr. Seuss!

Wow, What a week!
We began our week long celebration of Dr. Seuss with new morning challenges:
Counting back from 20 Dr. Seuss Style...

 Dr.Seuss ABC Backwards Order...

Dr. Seuss Sentences...

 Every day this week we D.E.A.R~ed
Dropped Everything And Read!
The whole school was in the hallway reading!
Pretty neat to see...

Monday was also hat day, please excuse the blurry selfie with the kiddos...

Here is a peek at the Dr.Seuss station complete with Truffula Trees!

This was a new project this year and OH BOY!
They are the parachutes from 
Oh, The Places You'll Go...

 I made "green eggs and ham" for the kids!

 Ya, what's not to love about white chocolate, pretzels and M&Ms?

The leader loved the chart!

We made Cat in the Hat hats on Tuesday!

 We look like we are balancing them on our heads because we ARE balancing them on our heads!

 and on the counter!

Tuesdays centers included:
Clear the Board (addition)

"What is in the Cat's Hat?" reading words...

Collecting data and creating a graph...Seuss Style!

Read the Room with Cat in the Hat and Color Words... 

Oh, we also created our OWN colorful eggs and ham with the extra M&Ms!

 Here's me serving (I am a shameless ham!)

We created these cuties earlier in the week!

 And these Cats as well!

Love Love Love! 

Wednesday's new morning challenges included:
Stack the Hats!
(teamwork at its finest!)

Big A Little a Dr. Seuss ABC order...

 Dr. Seuss Counting by 5s...

 Wednesday was our 111th day of school!
That's a neat number!

Since we've enjoyed stacking so much, I picked up a few more stackable cups for the kids!

 They are getting so good at balancing!

Wednesday was Wocket in My Pocket day!
 Here we are working on the lucky duck book to go with it. We had to create our own Dr. Seuss creature!  Wait to you see them, they are adorable!

These two ladies brought in our first March Family Projects!

Here is our Wockets for our Pockets! 


 More stacking!

 We made this gift for you!

Here is an actual physical graph of the Dr.Seuss books we have collected!
Represented are 28 of the 44 books Dr. Seuss wrote!
Thanks for sending them in!

 Oh, now this is interesting!
We are ready to made OOBLECK and SLIME!

Here is one of Thursday's centers just waiting for the k kids...
(Oobleck is 1cup cornstarch to 1/2 c water ratio plus food coloring!)
 Oobleck is a non-newtonian liquid 
(or is it solid?)
It exhibits characteristics of both a liquid and a solid depending on the pressure put upon it.
It is pretty cool to play with.
We discovered it is very similar to quick sand...everything sinks into it!
No matter what the object was made of, everything in our experiment sank!

This is one of our classroom charts for labeling...

So, Thursday's centers included:
Oobleck! and Sink or Float Experiment...

Middle Sound with Cat in the Hat...

Ways to Make 10 With Cat in the Hat...

and Interpreting a Graph...with Dr. Seuss characters!

Good Reads...

On Friday the teachers all brought cupcakes which we divided and handed out to each classroom.  It is always a beautiful display!
Here is our collection this year to 
celebrate Dr. Seuss!

We have plenty more fun and learning planned for Friday, including seeing a play The Cat In The Hat Performed by WSU students.
The kids will also get to explore this fun table...
Pictures in next week's blog...

And now for the week of March 7-11
Reading: Letter Ii, sound for short & long i,
 star word 'for'
Math: Subtraction
Theme: Finish Dr. Seuss begin Transportation
Science: Using our Senses
Big News:
Leonor is our star student!

Wear PINK On Wednesday, March 9 for Mrs. Stokke
Early release at 1:00 on Thursday, March 24
No School Friday, March 25 through 
Monday, March 28 ~Spring Break

No School Friday, April 1~Teacher Workshop for end of the 3rd Quarter

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