Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 37 Special Olympics, letter Uu, graphing and PROBABILITY (wow!) and TADPOLES!

Can you believe this is our 2nd from the last posting
 for this school year?  WOW!
We are celebrating the fact that TESTING is over!
Every day this week we tried a new and different messy art project...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these mosaic turtles!
and these lovely pond lillies!

We are now working at centers 3 days a week!
This Tuesday center is searching for tiny little words 
with those adorable magnifiers!

We also searched for the Bluebirds of Happiness
counting by 5's!

Here we fed the kitty 10 pieces of cat food
and then figured out each math story!!!!

We are able to work in a few more Science Centers.
This one was looking at plant parts...well done, scientists!

Our expert readers had no trouble with this listening for the Cc sound in each word...

Here is how 5 kids spent their rest time AND center time 3 days last week!
I believe the kids are playing outside we have some very very tired kiddos in the afternoon.  
Just 9 more days of working on getting to bed at an early time!

We also worked on ANIMAL PARTS!

We began a circle art project...
this is the first step...stamping overlapping circles!

Wednesday morning we began our day with
Thanks for all you do for us!!!!

After our circles dried,
we watercolor painted them!

Just like in an Art Museum!

The kiddos have been enjoying creating sculptures with the pipes....BEAUTIFUL!

We learned about the life cycle of a frog...
and guess what?
Thank you, Mrs. Flathers!
It will be 4 months before they are frogs!
Great word...metamorphosis!
We just love the pond discovery table!

We also just opened the MAGNET center!

Wednesday's centers were POND themed:
Measuring Frogs...

Interpreting a graph...

Sorting Meadow and Pond Animals....

Searching for tiny little words
is the pattern!

Hungry Frog Subtraction....

I just love it when the kids make such a pretty morning chart!

Thursday's centers include looking for 
WHERE IS THE T? Turtles...

Another Science center...Nature vs. Manmade Objects

The brain break table was set up to paint
big beautiful frogs!

Another Science Center
(wow...we really are thinking like scientists!)
This one was how animals change and grow.
The vocabulary words are  

We practiced a bit more with adding on to solve addition problems...

On Friday we were honored to be the audience for
all three Special Olympians in Kindergarten!

Here is our girl, Gabby!
Way to go!

Week of May 20-24
Reading: Review ALL SOUNDS and Letters. syllables, reading!
Math: Graphing and Probability
Theme: Animals
BIG NEWS: Outdoor Music Concert Monday, May 20 WEATHER PERMITTING! 
Please refer to Mr. Harper's Friday note...
Thursday, May 23...1st Grade SWITCH-A-ROO and Water Safety
Friday, May 24....Oxbow Zoo Trip ...we leave at 10:00!
Thursday, May 30....Kindergarten Family Picnic  at Farmers' Park 12:00
Friday, May 31....Last day of school! 1:00 DISMISSAL for kids!


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