Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Grade Practice and Week of May 14-18

I have 52 minutes to upload photos 
and complete this blog before my laptop goes OUT again!
It won't charge in a timely I GO.....

This nice young man from IRELAND
visited with us on Tuesday!
We counted for him in Gaelic,
and guess what?
We actually sounded very close to correct!!!
He was very impressed!

His name is Keiran Hoagan
and he is staying with Mrs. Webster
and learning about American dairy farms!

Morning Challenges...bird sentences

Isabelle READING to the class!

Wednesday we created some toys!
And played with tops and jacks....

We've been watching our tadpoles takes a LONG time
for a tadpole to become a frog!
Playing in the "pond"

The Magnet center is a hit!

Here we are PAINTING with TOPS!

We decorated our own FRISBEES!
Then we took them outside to try them out....

Thursday's FINAL Learning Stations for the year...
This one was a hoot!
We had just finished a symmetry lesson...
in the mirror we could SEE the star words
written correctly!

The independent work station....

Noah's mom's station...A E I O U
We're the vowels ...we're the glue...

Mr. Carrier's station...
farm animal tallies

On Friday we finished assessment
(we actually TESTED outside!!)

This week in K we will be

Tuesday afternoon is the 1-4th grade concert.
If you are watching your older child,
you may pick up your K kid to join you, if you wish.

Thursday afternoon we will have a presentation by Officer Liebfried

Friday is our OXBOW field trip!
Volunteers need to here at 9:45 as we are leaving at 10:00
(don't forget your lunch!  And your child's if you signed them up for cold lunch)
We should return by 2:45.


for my family reading this, I PROMISE to update the family portion
when the computer and/or wireless get replaced!

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