Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What HAS the crazy O'Duggan Clan been up to or why can't I figure out how to upload pics from my iPad?

Ok ok ...I know this isn't rocket science but I have literally lost hours and hours of time trying to figure out how to upload pics from my iPad (remember laptop failure mentioned in previous blog?) I am a pc/android operating system girl and this apple stuff is foreign to well as the ability to focus, apparently.

I begin by viewing my blog... Wow over 6000 hits...not bad, hey, let's see what Shae has updated on her blog...hmmm, that grand baby of mine is ADORABLE, I cannot wait til they come to visit. Oh, I need to google bittersweet nightshade to see how worried we should be about a few rogue plants we have growing around the farm. Hey, I did not know all the uses past and present for bittersweet...chickens won't eat it, I'm pretty sure...well, look at this funny blog video posting "will they eat it?" hilarious! This lady's chickens are picky, pickier than, she IS a funny writer, let me just leave a comment...shoot, time's up gotta get moving....

It always goes like that. Or very close with minor variations...this morning, I stumbled upon (another fun site not responsible for this mornings meanderings) a FREE insert from an Oprah recommended book...I thought I'd just take a peek...$12.99 and 2 hours later I realize I STILL did not figure out how to upload pics but I did find a map of the Pacific Crest Trail.

And still no pics on my blog....

Truly there seems to be a glitch in the programming as the add image button will not go "hot" not matter how many times I accept terms of agreement or play my turn in Draw Something or Words with Friends (want to play? Add me, I'm game)

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  1. Just became your newest follower. Love your blog!

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine



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